3 Reasons yout IT Project needs a business analyst image

3 Reasons yout IT Project needs a business analyst

3 Reasons Your IT Project Needs a Business Analyst

Business Analysts are not new to the IT industry. Their role, however, is often the least understood, and their value is not well-appreciated. With the growing demand for IT managers to produce more products to the market faster, business owners should understand the importance of having the right people in their team.

If you’re afraid of your IT projects developing solutions that fail to meet the business expectations, it is time you make use of a business analysts’ expertise.

But first…

What is a Business Analyst?

Essentially, business analysts are the bridge between the business executives and the IT staff. They help translate business goals into IT requirements and facilitate value-adding and meaningful communication. This may seem like a simple task, but it’s no small matter. Some studies show that 70-80% of project failures stem from poor requirements gathering, analysis, and management. Business Analysts ensure that clearly defined business goals are effectively communicated to the IT projects to reduce costs and delays.

Why do Businesses need a Business Analyst in IT Projects?

Business Analysts will help improve your business’ adaptability.

If there’s one thing you should always expect from consumers and the market, it is that they always change. Their needs evolve, and with it comes a change in their expectations, too. This can bring negative consequences in businesses if not managed properly.

Certified business analysts are trained to handle these situations. They will help organisations in adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the market. With business analysts, you will learn to adapt to and react to change in a way that will significantly benefit your business. This is done by helping meet customer and regulatory demands in the market place.

Business Analysts focus on Continuous Process Improvement

There’s a quote that says “…the six most expensive words in business are ‘We've always done it that way.” And this couldn’t be truer, especially with IT projects. The digital world is growing exponentially and with it comes more innovations. When businesses get stuck in a process that no longer gives value, it is detrimental to the whole organisation.

Certified business analysts always aim for incremental process improvements. When continuous process improvements are implemented, your business will reduce waste and create standardised processes depending on your needs in a specific period. Business analysts will take on the critical task of facilitating business process discussions among stakeholders to redesign processes that have previously shown inefficiencies. They will lay the foundation for application support and will continue to plan for future growth and enhancements.

Business Analysts provide Innovative Solutions

The market expectations will only grow bigger and bigger as time passes, and you should be able to meet those expectations if you want to stay relevant to your audience. Sometimes, staying safe is not enough. You need to provide them with innovative products and solutions to make sure you are ahead of the competition.

Certified business analysts help businesses go beyond incremental improvement when needed. They can help you develop cutting-edge technology that will increase customer satisfaction, increase market share, and, most importantly, drive revenue. Their end goal is to add value to your business and your consumers.

Strategic business goals are becoming more aggressive, and innovative thinkers are needed now more than ever. You’ll need people who understand both the business and the technology for your IT projects. April9 provides you with all these and more.

With April9, we get to know you first. Our excellent team of business analysts will take the time to understand your system’s requirements so we can deliver modern and elegant solutions that will bring value to your business. If you want your business to propel to the top of this technology-driven world, don’t forget to schedule your free consultation today.

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