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5 Key Skills for Business Analysts

5 Key Skills for Business Analysts

If there’s one thing all business analysts have in in common, it’s that they don’t have a “typical day” at work. Every day is different. They are used to a constantly changing environment, and they know how to cope with it.

Because of the ever-changing nature of their work, business analysts should have the following five (5) key skills so they can perform their analysis in any project for any industry.

Ready? Here they are!

#1: Communication Skills

Business Analysts communicate with their teams and other stakeholders daily. Excellent communication skills are vital as they will be communicating with users, clients, project team members, and stakeholders. Whether it’s in person, via email, social media, or on the phone, Business Analysts should be clear and precise in answering questions and exchanging information. Communication Skills are essential to ensure that the project is heading in the right direction.

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Problem-Solving Skills

No matter careful your team is as they work on a project, there’s always bound to be a problem to arise. And that’s okay. The entire project you are working on is a solution to a problem in the first place. Problems are inevitable. That’s why Business Analysts should have the best problem-solving skills. They analyze the business process and then facilitate a shared understanding of the problem at hand. They then provide possible solutions to address any issues. Business Analysts should also help solve technical challenges, most notably when the negotiation involves various businesses or technical stakeholders.

Critical Thinking Skills

There are multitudes of ways to address a problem, but a great Business Analyst should know which one is the best for the project. There are multiple options available, and they are responsible for evaluating every opportunity before helping the team settle on a solution. As a Business Analyst tries to discover the problem being solved in the project, they must listen to stakeholder needs, but should also be critical in considering those needs. They should ask probing questions to make sure that the real need surfaces. Critical and evaluation skills are crucial because they unearth real issues, allowing them to provide real solutions.

Prioritization Skills

The budget is always a concern for stakeholders. Their list of requirements may be lengthy, but more often than not, there’s never enough money to get everything they want. That’s when exceptional prioritization skills come in handy. Business Analysts should not be overwhelmed by the magnitude of all the requirement. Prioritization ensures that the team focuses on the most important and rewarding aspects of the project. Some techniques that Business Analysts use include: priority group, MoScoW technique, and ranking, among others.

Stakeholder Management Skills

One of the primary keys to the success of a project is understanding the people working on it. No matter how exceptional a Business Analyst’s analytical skills are, if they are not able to connect and engage with their stakeholders, they will have a difficult time. When they take the time to understand their stakeholders fully, they will be able to foresee issues and identify problems early on.

When Business Analysts take the time to get to know their stakeholders better, they will know who the real players are and who to engage with during the project. This reduces the risk of missed requirements or late changes. Furthermore, when you communicate effectively with the stakeholders of the project, they feel heard. They will feel that their opinion counts and that their expectations will be met. They will know that the solution a Business Analyst offers works for everyone invested in the project.

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