5 Key Things Every Agilist Should Know About Kanban image

5 Key Things Every Agilist Should Know About Kanban

5 Key Things Every Agilist Should Know About Kanban

As you go through an Agile transformation, you should know the importance of determining the right number of Scrum Teams and Kanban Teams you need for your business. These two teams play crucial roles in the success of your business. Scrum Teams focus on product development while Kanban Teams are in charge of the support, maintenance, deployment, and operations.

Because your Scrum Teams are cross-functional, you will notice gaps in their Agile engineering practices. There will also be a lack of specialised resources designated to each team. Furthermore, the Scrum Teams need to focus on the products. Therefore, change requests from the business should not disrupt their production. The Kanban teams take on the responsibilities that the Scrum Teams can’t accomplish yet and take over the tasks that distract the Scrum Team.

The Kanban method should be at the core of your Agile Transformation, so we listed five key things you need to know as an Agilist: 

The Kanban Method is a visual management system


With Kanban, both the process and the actual work are visualised so that the design and development of different services within the organisation are appropriately managed. It is implemented within an organisation to identify any potential problems in your process. These issues are then addressed and fixed so that work can flow through efficiently and cost-effectively at optimum speed.


The Kanban Method is dedicated to agility


Because the Kanban method is a flow-based system, it focuses on the optimisation of the communication and coordination of the team at work. Within this method, the commitment points will be managed, and the amount of work in progress will be limited. This assures that the team is focused on the most crucial task. However, should there be any changes in the market conditions, the Kanban method offers flexibility to shift to the work necessary to meet the needs of the business and the target market. 

The Kanban Method focuses on transparency.


Because it is a visual management system, transparency is ingrained in the

Kanban method. The transparency in the process present the members of the team with the knowledge needed for them to be able to self-organise. When they have the information about the systems and processes, they are trusted to determine what the next course of action would be to deliver the service effectively.

The Kanban Method is unique to every organisation

Although the Kanban method has its guidelines and standards, every organisation has a unique approach to the Kanban method. Kanban does not promote a “one size fits all” approach to work. With Kanban, organisations are encouraged to implement honest evaluation of the processes to see how it works and to see points of improvement. 

Some of the facets of your system that need you to consider are the following: guidelines for work, implementation of guidelines, level of demand for the work, on-demand delivery of work by workers, and the satisfaction of your customers. When you evaluate these aspects of the organisation, you will be able to create a Kanban method that adds value to your organisation. 

The Kanban Method is mainly the responsibility of the management.


Kanban teams are expected to be knowledgeable, independent, and self-organising but the primary responsibility still lies on the management. One of the signs of a mature Kanban system is when the managers have shown improvement and their behaviour and are firmly focused on the development of the system. When this is correctly done, self-organising teams will be produced and skilled, and professional workers will be continuously delivering expectations to achieve business goals and customer satisfaction.

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