8 Instantly Actionable Tips for Improving Your Landing Page image

8 Instantly Actionable Tips for Improving Your Landing Page

8 Instantly Actionable Tips for Improving Your Landing Page

Do you want to generate leads and convert customers? For that, you’ll need a kick-ass landing page for all your campaigns that will lead your customers to a purchase, subscription or enquiry. Don’t fret. We’ve rounded up 8 instantly actionable tips that will transform your landing page into a hub of lead generation.

1. Include the crucial elements

Because your landing pages are critical to your business, you have to make sure that each important element gets incorporated into the design. Include the following in your landing pages:

• Headline

The headline should be clear and concise. Your customer should already know what the page is about from the get-go. If you believe a sub-headline can help your consumer understand the value of your business, you can craft one, but it is optional.

• Description of your offer and its value

The description should be straight to the point, and the value should be highlighted. The attention span of your customer is short - make sure they can read everything in a few minutes.

• Image or video

Choose an image or video that best encapsulates the message of your brand. Whether you're selling a product or a service, they should highlight your unique selling proposition. Visual cues can significantly influence the decision of your consumer, so make sure they are high-quality images or videos that translate your message effectively as a business.

• Testimonials and badges

The landing page is also a chance to establish your credibility as a business — what better way to do this than with testimonials and badges. You can get quotes from the best reviews your company has received. Badges or awards can also be displayed to develop the trust between you and your target market further.

• A form that your consumer can fill out

Most importantly, you should include a short form your customers can fill out. This is a perfect opportunity to get essential information from your consumers. Data regarding your target market is vital in unlocking insights to improve your business strategies further.

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2. Less is more

Businesses are often tempted to put every tidbit of information they can about their business on the landing page. Please, don't do that. If your page is cluttered, it divides the attention of your consumer, and it will lead to distraction and confusion. When they visit your landing page, you want to lead them to a specific action - a subscription or a purchase, for example. Use a minimalist yet attractive design that highlights the action you want them to take. Play with the sizes of your fonts and CTA buttons. Use big fonts for your headlines to make it easier for them to understand what each page is about. Make sure your CTA buttons are equipped with compelling copy and are showcased on the page.

3. Remember: Mobile First.

It’s not a secret that more and more people are using mobile to surf the web, use social media, and buy products. With this, companies are adhering to the mobile-first principles. Because a huge percentage of web activity comes from mobile, your landing page’s design should be adapted accordingly to increase your conversion rate. From image sizes to the forms, your consumer should not encounter any issues in your landing page while using their mobile phones.

4. Use social sharing icons

To further improve the effectivity of your landing page, be sure to include social sharing icons so that your customer can promote your brand via their own social media platforms. Even in the digital age word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Make sure only to include icons or buttons to avoid clutter in your landing pages.

5. Use contrasting colours

As mentioned, you want to make sure that your main call-to-action is clear and concise to avoid confusion. One effective yet simple way to this is by using contrasting colours. This way, your CTA buttons pop on your landing page, and your customers will know where to click and complete the action.

6. Format matters

The flow of the information on your landing page is critical to avoid friction in your customer's experience. With a visual-friendly user experience, you can expertly guide your page visitors to a conversion. Lay out all of the elements of your landing page clearly so they know which part to focus on first, ultimately leading them to your main call-to-action.

7. Craft a Killer Call to Action

A simple “complete” or “submit” call-to-action button won’t do anymore. No matter how well designed your landing page is, without a strong CTA, it can lead to your consumers opting out. This is the final step before a complete conversion so make sure it highlights the value of your business in the best, most creative way possible.

8. When in doubt, you can always test it out!

A/B testing is standard practice and, in fact, crucial for a successful landing page. Following all of the steps above, you can always test if your copy and design work well and drive conversions. With A/B testing, you'll be able to analyze valuable analytics to see how your consumers interact with the landing page you created.

For the best landing pages, get the help of industry experts. Be sure to check out April9’s website, or get in touch with us and schedule your digital consultation today.

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