AgilityFlow - A highly customisable workflow and application assessment tool image

AgilityFlow - A highly customisable workflow and application assessment tool

AgilityFlow - a highly customisable workflow and application assessment tool

You might remember that a few weeks ago we previewed our latest exciting project to the public - AgiltyFlow - a customisable workflow and assessment tool we have been working on.

The birth of an idea

We have been working to develop a solution which integrates a workflow and assessment tool with ArcGIS. The idea for this marriage of components was born after we successfully delivered the Monitoring and Reporting System (MaRS) for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority in 2018. Working with Esri's ArcGIS, in addition to delivering a number of information collection & assessment frameworks for other clients, made it clear to us that these features could be merged into a single solution to benefit clients across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, including transport, logistics, telecom, livestock, agriculture, disaster management, and more.

What is AgilityFlow?

AgiltyFlow is an open canvas and can be customised with any flow, process or report. The solution can be used across a variety of industries and sectors. With total customisable functionality you can use it in any area of your business.


Now featuring powerful mapping tools for additional data analysis

AgilityFlow now integrates with ArcGIS, allowing you to analyse and manage geographic information and make intelligent, informed decisions. You can import multiple data formats and use powerful analytical tools and workflows to identify spatial patterns, trends and non-obvious relationships. This allows users to interact with geo-spatial information in a variety of ways. Maps can be used within the solution to mark hazards, assess impact of traffic, road closures or natural disasters, leverage map data, route planning, and much more.


Feel the power of AgilityFlow's admin console

AgilityFlow's powerful back-end allows system administrators to create customised workflows for defined sets of users, offering total flexibility and control over the application system. AgilityFlow is a user-friendly tool that lets you create customised forms in minutes. An out-of-the-box solution for enterprise level assessments and evaluations. Define business rules and create processes and application forms with no training whatsoever, then review the incoming applications, assess, approve, and collect payment from your customers. It's as easy as that.


Still not convinced? We performed a survey.

Want to know more about AgilityFlow and how it can benefit your business? [Go to]( or [contact us today](/contact) for a free chat and let's improve the efficiency of your organisation.

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