Boost Your eCommerce Sales With These 5 Tools image

Boost Your eCommerce Sales With These 5 Tools

Boost Your eCommerce Sales With These 5 Tools

eCommerce is booming. In 2019 there will be an estimated 2 billion digital buyers globally almost 25% of the worlds population. This number is predicted to go even higher in the coming years, and its not hard to see why. With eCommerce, you can purchase virtually anything you need from clothing to medical supplies without having to leave the comfort of your home. Theres no need to get stuck in traffic or work your way through the busy stores to find one item. All you need is a laptop or a mobile device, and you are good to go. As you would expect, competition in the online arena is fierce with more businesses and start-ups understanding the importance of going digital with their storefronts. So although eCommerce is a great platform because of its ever-growing market, acquiring new customers can be a challenge because of the plethora of eCommerce sites on the internet. eCommerce is an exceptional platform, but the competition can be stiff. But this doesnt mean you should pass up the opportunity to establish a presence online. Successful eCommerce site owners use different tools to help them with their business, and were revealing their secrets here. Read on to discover which tools to use to boost your eCommerce sales:


One of the most important things to consider in eCommerce is the shopping experience of your consumer. Because they are exposed to a multitude of websites, you need to make sure that their experience on yours will be as seamless as possible. Unbxd allows you to create a personalized shopping experience for your customer. With this tool, you can have a predictive search which will help narrow down your customers choices to their personalized recommendations. This will significantly help in their purchase decisions, pushing them further down the sales funnel and making it easier for you to get a sale.


As with any business, the price of your product has a massive effect on your customers purchase decision. You have to make sure that you are offering a competitive price so your customers will choose you over your competitors. However, checking the pricing of every competitor you have is both time-consuming and labour-intensive. Prisync is a helpful tool for this dilemma. It tracks your competitors pricing and monitors their activity, so you can plan your strategy to make sure you are ahead of them. All you have to do is enter the link of your competitors website, and your data will be updated four times a day! Customers compare prices from several sites to make sure they get the best option. With Prisync, you can make sure that you have the most competitive pricing to get more sales.


Because customers have seemingly endless options in the eCommerce market, 95% of first-time visitors to a website wont make a purchase, and they will probably not find their way back to your website. Some businesses spend money on customer acquisition, but the price can be a little steep. You need to make sure that once they are on your website, they can either continue with the purchase or at least remember your site. OptiMonk is an excellent tool for this. It helps you capture first-time visitors of your website by offering them something special to increase the chance of a conversion. This tool tracks the movement of your customer as they browse through your website, and it predicts when they will opt out. Before this happens, OptiMonk will display a special offer such as a discount in exchange for their email. This way, they are more enticed to buy the product, and you will gather more data to keep the line of communication open. This tool also records the time spent on your website by consumers and the reason for their exit from your website so you can improve your website experience.


According to studies, only 2% of visitors who visit your website make a purchase. That is not good for business. One option is to spend more on advertising to reach a whole new segment of customers but, especially for SMEs, allotting a huge chunk of your finances to advertising is not a viable option. So you need a way to make the other 98% come back to your website. A cheaper answer to this problem would be retargeting using Adroll. Retargeting will help you reach the customers that previously visited your website. These customers already had an interest in your website, so targeting them for advertising is easier and more effective. Adroll uses AI to create personalized ads for each of your customers based on data. It can also be easily integrated into Hubspot and Shopify so you can easily streamline your eCommerce business.


An important thing to remember in eCommerce business is to ensure that the purchase decision of your customer should be as easy as possible. If you can streamline their buying process in any way, you should do it. The building blocks of an enticing website are great landing pages and user-friendly website design. Your customer is exposed to tons of ads online, reminding them constantly how many choices they have in retailers, so you have to make their purchase on your website seamless. Adimo allows your customers to add products to their cart and go straight to checkout from an ad or retargeted ad. Pretty incredible, right? This simplifies their purchase decision because it takes away all of the other steps in between and they can go straight to purchase exactly what you want. You can also use Adimo to add a Buy Now button on your website and social media platforms so your customer can check out anytime!

In the years to come, eCommerce is forecasted to grow exponentially but so will the number of businesses utilising it. And although this may seem like a daunting endeavour to face, the benefits of having a successful eCommerce business is well worth the hard work. If you use these tools, they can help you gain more customers and boost your sales in no time. But it should not end there. April9 can help your eCommerce business flourish even more. Our software professionals are the best in the business, and we can help you establish an eCommerce platform with the latest technology that will only help your business grow. Contact us and get your free consultation today.

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