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Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business

For years, businesses have relied on local computers to store valuable applications, software and files. While this has been proven useful, the demand for fast-paced transmission of information continues to grow in the digital world. And suddenly, these physical devices put you at a disadvantage. That’s where cloud computing comes in. Read on to see the top ten benefits of cloud computing that will show you why you should shift from your device to the cloud.

1. Accessibility

Local computers and/or servers have been widely used by businesses all over the world. But this has hindered business owners and their employees from providing their services because there’s limited access to data. With cloud platforms you and your team can easily access the needed information from virtually any device anywhere in the world - all you need is a reliable Internet connection. Connecting to the cloud means cutting the shackles tying you to the device in your physical office, skyrocketing your and your team’s productivity.

Now, let’s address the top concern of businesses about cloud computing - security. Having invaluable data in the cloud can be a cause for concern but in reality, it’s actually a safer way to store your data. With the cloud, your IT team can get full visibility and control, thus you can manage the level of access your users can get, depending on your business’ IT needs. Moreover, regular backups are scheduled to ensure your data is safely protected. This way, no matter what happens to your physical devices, all of your data is secured.

3. Be ahead of your competitors

Because of the cutting-edge technology offered by cloud computing, your business is at a competitive advantage. By 2020, it is estimated that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud. Converting to the cloud before your competitors ensures you’ll be way ahead of the game long before they start learning the ropes.

4. Automatic software updates

Having your IT department perform a manual software update takes up a lot of time and a lot of money. With cloud computing, maintenance and updates are done automatically, ensuring you’ll have a system with the latest technology. Less work and money spent, but you’ll be reaping better rewards.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you can scale up or scale down your cloud-based services to whatever fits your needs. As opposed to software used in local computers, the cloud allows you to customise the applications you need without the licensing commitments, so you only pay for what you use.

6. Better collaboration

You’ve probably experienced the agony of data being lost; or felt the pain of working on data and then finding out you’ve been working on an outdated version! All these issues are solved by cloud computing. Your employees have access to the same set of data wherever they are. Changes are made in real-time, the workflow is seamless and you will be providing better service to your customers.

Within the millions of bits of data from you and your consumers, you can dissect valuable information and insights that will help improve your business. Digging through these seemingly endless piles of data can be daunting but with the right cloud computing solutions, you can hit gold. With the right insights, you can implement action plans to help you reach your goals.

8. Save time

With the volume of information passed from employee to employee, the physical transmission of data has become a burden. Because of the automatic updates, improved collaboration, and state-of-the-art analytics, manual tasks no longer take up time. You can devote more money, time, and effort to other processes that will help you reach your organisational goals.

9. Cost-efficient

Because cloud computing uses remote resources, your company will be saving on the cost of on-premise infrastructure and their operational costs. Your cloud supplier is in charge of system updates so you’ll no longer have to worry about regularly purchasing for system upgrades, a huge IT department, and because there is less equipment, you’ll be saving on energy consumption, as well.

10. Prioritise your business

At the end of the day, companies use software and systems that would ultimately help their businesses grow. And cloud computing is designed to do this for you. With all these benefits combined, you won’t have to worry about your data because it’s secure, up-to-date, and efficient. You can focus on what matters most - your company’s growth.

More and more companies have been reaping the benefits of cloud and it’s time you take advantage of this fast-rising technology, as well. For a smooth transition to cloud computing, be sure to check out April9’s website, or get in touch with us and schedule your digital consultation now.

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