DevOps is changing the way Cloud Development works image

DevOps is changing the way Cloud Development works

DevOps is changing the way Cloud Development works

Much like species in an ecosystem working together for ecological balance, DevOps and cloud are in a symbiotic relationship, each relying on each other for survival. Most, if not all, of cloud development projects, make use of DevOps as it is becoming more and more apparent that its features and principles work seamlessly with these types of projects. When DevOps is employed in cloud development projects, the output is delivered at a fast pace, thus needs are easily met, while still maintaining a low operational cost. But in this fast-paced technological landscape, innovations and adjustments in development project are constant. And one thing is clear: cloud development will continue changing, and DevOps will play a key role in its transformation.

The first solution to the problem: DevOps

DevOps focuses on constant review and improvement of communication and collaboration between Development and Operations Team to enable accelerated and efficient deployment of products. Automation is at the very core of DevOps, and it equips IT professionals and software developers with the ability to respond to the needs of the business as swiftly as possible. Its designed to lessen the delay in the reaction time of the company in addressing issues faced in the development process. Thus, when companies faced issues with the traditional waterfall methodology, they saw DevOps as a way to fix and improve their development processes.

DevOps wasn’t enough

However, they soon realized that DevOps alone could not solve the problem they were experiencing. Even with DevOps, there is a latency in capital purchases of hardware and software. This results in a delay in the deployment of the projects because the crucial elements of the project are not put in place on time. This issue was then solved by the cloud. When DevOps was integrated into the cloud, it allowed developers to track the cost of development resources. Because of the centralized system of cloud, adjustments were also easily carried out. Additionally, when you are working on the cloud, your data is in a secure and unified platform. Because of the centralized nature of the cloud, DevOps automation is in a platform that gives way to seamless and streamlined testing, deployment, and production. Instead of cloud being just a simple platform for information, when incorporated with DevOps, it becomes a much more powerful tool for software development. Because of this, DevOps is now driving the interest and growth of the cloud.

DevOps and the Cloud

The synergy between DevOps and cloud computing has greatly influenced the software development landscape. Cloud computing providers have now incorporated DevOps into their system and platform. This ensures that there will be continuous integration between the two systems and that the latest development tools will be available for the IT professionals. Because the goal of DevOps is to simplify and speed up the development process, companies have chosen this methodology to get to the cloud. With clouds centralized system and DevOps simplified process, application development backlog will be lessened and IT developers can easily keep up with the growing demands of the market. As more and more companies switch to cloud-based DevOps, they have come to realize that either wont have much value without the other. The two are interwoven sub-systems forming a unified system that provides invaluable benefits to companies employing their processes.

Adapting to cloud-based DevOps

Cloud platforms are everywhere and you may be tempted to quickly choose one for your company, but there is one step you should accomplish first: make sure your company has established a DevOps process. Because your DevOps and cloud solutions are dependent on each other, they should also evolve at the same time within your company. Your processes should be automated using cloud tools and your cloud solutions should be guided by DevOps processes. If done successfully, this will ensure that you and your company are ahead of the game in the tech industry. You can provide you consumers with state-of-the-art software that address their needs, within an environment thats centered in collaboration and constant development. If you want to succeed in the competitive landscape of the tech industry, be sure to take the necessary steps to have access to the latest technology and methodologies that will help optimize your companys processes. At April9 Digital Consulting we specialise in software development and integration, as well as guiding businesses in adopting modern software development methodologies likeAgile and DevOps. Get in touch with April9s team of industry experts today and lets take your IT solutions to the next level.

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