How to Migrate to Cloud smoothly and safely image

How to Migrate to Cloud smoothly and safely

How to Migrate to Cloud smoothly and safely

According to LogicMonitors

Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud Study, about 83 percent of the processes of enterprises will be run on public cloud platforms by 2020. With the growing list of cloud computings benefits, this prediction is not surprising.

Relocating to the cloud is a complex process, but if you lay the proper groundwork, you can be assured that youll have the right technology that is efficient and secure. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you migrate to the cloud:

Adopt virtualisation technology before migrating to the cloud.

If your business has not explored, you might not be ready to move to the cloud just yet. There are software programs you can integrate into your internal systems that can serve as virtual replacements for your hardware. These programs will then help you significantly reduce the physical equipment needed to run your applications. As your company adapts to the changes in virtualisation, you will consequently be preparing to migrate to the cloud, as well. As you get comfortable withsoftware integrated into your system, you will find yourself in a better position to relocate to the cloud.

Develop a strategic plan to guide your cloud migration.

Because cloud migration is a complex endeavour, a business should not undergo this transition without making an in-depth strategic plan that will guide the whole process. A plan ensures that all bases are covered and all of the requirements will be met. The cloud technology we have right now will not be able to replace the entire IT infrastructure, but your business should be ready for the changes. The earlier you create a strategic plan for your cloud migration, the better. Not only will you be ahead of the curve, but you will also be avoiding the additional cost of being late in adopting the latest technology.  

Choose cloud-friendly applications.

When youre moving to the cloud, it doesnt mean you have to transition all of your applications its not all or nothing. Some applications can be more easily moved to the cloud compared to others. These are the apps you want to prioritise as you migrate to the cloud. We can take disaster recovery as an example. Previously, traditional disaster recovery requires businesses to maintain a separate physical location for data storage. When this is migrated to the cloud, the resources will only be consumed when needed.

Always deploy proper security measures.

Ensuring that you have the appropriate security for your data should be your top priority. To have a secure cloud migration, you have to build portable controls that can quickly move and adjust with your applications. These controls ensure that you maintain data privacy and integrity. All of the applications and sensitive data transitioned to and stored in the cloud should be encrypted. Your system host design should also include IP filtering, audit controls, and virtual security modules, among others. Furthermore, when your data is encrypted, your data will never be exposed to anyone outside the business, even to your chosen cloud provider.

Choose the right cloud provider for your needs.

First, you will need to check if a cloud provider complies with the recognised standard; this should be your first requirement as you shortlist your potential suppliers. This shows that they know the industry best practices, and they can help you create a solid foundation to secure cloud migration. Second, you need to check if the platform and preferred technology of a provider are aligned with your cloud objectives. No matter how excellent their services are, if they do not match your needs, it will not work out. Lastly, ask them how they plan to deploy their services. You have to make sure that they are looking to implement a long-term solution that will continue to innovate and grow over time.

April9 has helped businesses in maximising the benefits of cloud technologyby ensuring that a tailored cloud architectureis created for your specific business requirements. With your workload deployed and managed in a cloud environment thats integrated with your traditional infrastructure, April9 can provide a complete and secure solution that will provide better performance for your customers for less cost. If you are looking for the right partner to guide you to a seamless migration to the cloud,schedule your consultation with April9 today.

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