[Infographic] 2020 Top Web Development Trends image

[Infographic] 2020 Top Web Development Trends

[Infographic] 2020 Top Web Development Trends

First, some facts:

1. There are over 200 million websites are active right now.
2. Over 200 new websites are being created every minute.
3. 57% of SMEs are allotting their finances on new and improved websites in 2020.


Chat Bots

57% of customers said that they appreciate real-time interaction with chatbots.

With the advent of modern technology, it’s no longer surprising that people are expecting more business with less human interaction. Customer interactions without humans are even expected to be at 85% by 2021. Because of this, chatbots are expected to become the number one application for businesses to use in customer support.

Mobile First Design

When last surveyed, 50.3% of website traffic was recorded on mobile phones instead of computers.

If your company’s website is not mobile-responsive yet, it’s the time to start. In the mobile first design strategy, your developers should start prototyping on the smallest screens first, then working their way up. If you do this, you will be delivering the right user experience to the right device.

Even Google is changing the way your websites are being ranked. If before, Google looks at the desktop version of your website and then bases your mobile ranking accordingly, they are going to do it the other way around this year. In 2020, mobiles come first.

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Voice Search

Almost half of search queries are being performed with voice instead of text.

According to Google, 20% of mobile searches are voice searches. In fact, 40% of people stated that voice-activated devices are a huge part of their daily lives. This means if you want your target market to have a seamless experience on your website, you’ll need to integrate voice search on your website.

Motion UI

Did you know that the average human attention span is… 8 seconds? That’s a second less than the average attention span of a goldfish.

Let’s face it. Your customer’s mobile phone is full of promotional clutter. Because of this, their attention span is getting shorter and shorter. You’ll have to put in more efforts to make sure that you leave an impression on your target market. If you grab their attention and keep them engaged, you can count that as a win. You can do this with Motion UI – better shown than explained.

AI and their role in Cybersecurity

Businesses from around the globe are predicted to allot 2.5 billion dollars on artificial intelligence designed to prevent cybersecurity threats between 2016 and 2025.

The future of cybersecurity is artificial intelligence. When cybersecurity is managed by humans, cyberattacks aren’t diffused until it has already damaged the system. The fact is, humans will not be available every second of everyday to secure you from these attacks.

Robots, however, can. Because of this, attacks can be anticipated and can be addressed before it even causes any mishap. Additionally, once you’ve integrated the AI into your system, your expenses ends there (apart from minimal expenses on maintenance, of course), making cybersecurity cheaper and more efficient.

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With technological advancements created every minute, the pace of the business world is faster than ever. Adapting to these innovations is key to become a top player in your industry. If you want a team of seasoned web developers and experts in the tech industry to help you stay on top of your game, contact April9 today.

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