[Infographic] What is software integration image

[Infographic] What is software integration

What is Software Integration

Connecting multiple subsystems and components from different vendors to work as one to improve productivity, data connectivity, and business analysis.

The Process

1. Know what system integrator your business needs

Set up meetings with the whole team to manage expectations and list down requirements for your system integrator. Businesses face different issues. Your system integrator should be designed to address yours.

2. Hand it over to the experts

Once expectations are laid out, business analysts should look into the operational feasibility of your system integrator. They will make sure that each feature solves an issue in your company

3. Map out your strategy

Blueprints of the software integration should be created so that the whole team can visualise the solution architecture of the interconnected subsystems. This will help everyone picture how everything will function as a whole for seamless data connectivity and improved work flow.

4. Bringing the blueprint to life

When all requirements are finalised and the whole process is planned, your system integrator will then be created, tested, and verified. This may be the longest step in the process but developing the integrator with keen attention to detail ensures that minimal to no data is lost.

5. Integrate your company’s software

When your system integrator is thoroughly tested and verified by test engineers, it will then be implemented into your system.

6. Perform continuous maintenance

Software Integration is an evolving process. If you detect a bug in the system, contact your partner IT company. If in the future you find that you need a new feature or you want to modify an existing one, you can easily improve your system integrator to meet your needs.

The Benefits of Continuous Integration:

  • 40% reduction in development costs
  • 140% increase in programs under development
  • 78% reduction in development cost per program
  • 5x increase on time spent on innovation

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