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Learn 5 JavaScript Hacks in 5 minutes

Learn 5 Javascript Hacks in 5 minutes

Javascript (JS) helps software developers implement complex code on applications and websites. Most developers understand the importance of cutting back lines on their Javascript file, but only a few know the hacks that help optimise your process and your code.

Optimised code is a mix of cleverly programmed logics and simple hacks that will help optimise your performance, thus saving you time and effort.

If you want to learn a few Javascript hacks in just 5 minutes, continue reading below.

#1: You can use short-circuit conditionals

If your code looks like this:

If (connected) {



You can simplify your code by adding & & (AND operator) between a variable to be verified and a function. For example, the code above can be converted to:

connected && login();

It’s a simple hack that will greatly help you clean up your code in the long run.

#2: You can use String replace function to replace all the values

If you want to replace strings using String and Regex, you can use String.replace(). When this function is used, it replaces the string at its first occurrence. However, if you want to replace everything using replaceAll() function, you have to use /g at the end of a Regex.

#3: You can convert to floating numbers without sacrificing performance

Most of the time, developers use math.ceil, math.floor, or math.round when they want to eliminate decimals in their code. But there is a simpler and faster way to write this code. Instead of using the functions mentioned, you can use “”. Just like the functions above, “” will eliminate decimals for a specific value but it’s much cleaner and more straightforward.

Here’s an example:

You should use:

~~ (math.random*100)

Instead of:


#4: You can use the array filter

If you want to filter out elements from your array pool, you can use this hack to optimise your code. When you use the array filter, you will create an array that’s composed of all the array elements that pass a test which will be provided as a function. You can create a callback function for non-required elements depending on the requirement of your code.

#5: You can use splice to delete array elements

Because this hack optimises the speed of your Javascript code, this is probably one of the best optimisation hacks for your coding. In deleting array elements, “delete” is often used by software developers. However, when you use “delete” it will remove the object property without reindexing the array or updating its length. Because of this, undefined values will be left in your code. Furthermore, it adds more time in the execution of your code.

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