QA Testing - You're doing it wrong image

QA Testing - You're doing it wrong

QA Testing – You’re Doing it Wrong

Quality Assurance Testing is a step no software development team should ever skip. Every output produced, whether it’s simply a program for a household appliance or a state-of-the-art software in the field of healthcare, should work flawlessly. This can only be achieved with effective QA testing.

The quality of the software in our day-to-day lives comes down to the quality of the testing it has undergone before it hits the market. If you want to deliver outstanding software, here are QA Testing Best Practices you should follow.

Always use a controlled security environment for testing

Most software development companies and freelancers are now choosing cloud-based testing to maximise the benefits of the cloud. However, this may not be the safest option for you because the cloud has several vulnerabilities especially when using the public cloud.

Instead of relying on the cloud, agencies should invest in testing infrastructure so you’ll be assured of your data safety. Regional testing labs and libraries are the best choices for mobile app testing because manual and automated testing are done safely and securely.

Tests should not only be done on the QA stage

Although there’s a specified QA stage for your Software Development Cycle, this doesn’t mean the testing should only be done on that specific stage. If there is a major output or feature added on the software, tests should be carried out immediately. You should plan the testing schedule from the beginning of your development process.

If you test early, you can catch bugs and cut defects before the product further develops. With this approach, the quality of your software improves. And although it may seem laborious, it will reduce the work in the final stage of QA.

Do Regression Tests

Your test cases should be recognised and segregated for regression testing. If you want to assure the quality of your product, a quick and effective regression testing can help you verify that your code has not changed the existing functionality of your product. If you want to predict the most problematic part of your app during regression testing, you can use a bug graph which is the number of bugs against time for different modules.

The programmers of the program should not write the tests

The tests must be written even before the coding begins. The programmers who created the code should not write tests or test cases for their own code. When your programmers do this, it can result in biased testing or even lack of creativity in the test. Have a different set of programmers develop a test so that you’ll get better results.

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