[Infographic] The Core Principles of Agile Software Development image

[Infographic] The Core Principles of Agile Software Development

[Infographic] The Core Principles of Agile Software Development

In Agile, leaders follow a philosophy that encourages their employees to practice teamwork and accountability. Teams work following a set of best practices that will make way for more efficient and faster delivery of top-notch software that will ultimately meet the companys goals and, more importantly, the customers needs.

Below we've outlined the 12 Core Principles of Agile Software Development.

  • Satisfy the client by continually delivering software
  • Changes should be embraced however early or late in the project if it ultimately benefits the client
  • Working software should be developed in a shorter time span
  • Developers and business people should work closely together daily throughout the duration of the entire project
  • Interaction and communication between parties are best done face-to-face
  • An environment of appreciation, trust, and empowerment should be created so as to build a team of motivated people
  • The key measure of progress is a working software
  • Sustainable development should be promoted
  • Excellence and quality of the software development will be closely and continuously monitored to boost agility
  • Simplicity is fundamental in effective agile management
  • The best output, architecture, and design can be produced if you have self-organized teams
  • style='margin-bottom: 12.0pt;'>Teams should regularly reflect on their work to analyze and adapt to changes that will make the process more efficient.

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