The eagle has landed - ArcGIS for developers just went next level image

The eagle has landed - ArcGIS for developers just went next level

The eagle has landed - ArcGIS for developers just went next level

ArcGIS has been helping organisations from various industries in meeting their digital transformation needs. And early this year, Esri, the brain behind ArcGIS just announced an upgrade to this sought-after software.

What is GIS?

A graphic information system (GIS) is a framework that gathers, organises, manages, and analyses data. Being a framework rooted in geography, it analyses spatial location and can organise data into visual representations in the form of maps or 3D scenes. Because of this feature, users will see how their gathered data is interconnected, giving them a better understanding of the information at hand. Thus, they will be able to discover deeper insights and actionable intelligence that will help them make informed decisions. As businesses from diverse fields utilise and integrate GIS in their system, they can create maps that can communicate and gather data, analyse the information, and use them to solve complex problems within their organisation. And one of the most powerful GIS in the industry is ArcGIS.

More about ArcGIS

ArcGIS, a mapping and analytics software, features a state-of-the-art algorithm that unleashes the potential of all the data gathered by businesses through the science of geography. By being the pioneers of GIS-based problem solving, ArcGIS is empowering businesses by providing them with organized data and patterns that will help them in shaping their business decisions towards a digital transformation. With location intelligence, this software can unlock the full potential of your data so you can see opportunities that other businesses cannot. With ArcGIS, you apply location-based analytics into your organisation; utilising tools that will help visualise your data for easier analysis. But more than just an analytics software, ArcGIS is a platform that will help users collaborate with others using apps, dashboards, reports, and more.

ArcGIS for Developers just got an upgrade

In January of 2019, Esri has announced major changes to ArcGIS, and its making the software more accessible and affordable while still enhancing the mapping experience. In this new upgrade, there will be a new pay-as-you-go plan, and the price of the routing transaction will be decreased. The pay-as-you-go plan allows developers to only pay for services that they use instead of paying for all of the features. Because of this new feature, developers will now be able to access ArcGISs wide range of maps from the Living Atlas. They will be able to store their data securely and create applications quickly and efficiently.

If you are on the Builder plan, Esri will also be launching a new monthly payment structure for the subscription. The Builder plan will now be offered at a monthly subscription rate of $125. Apart from this, Esri is also offering a 10% discount on existing annual Builder Plan subscriptions. If you are currently on a yearly Builder plan subscription, you can opt to continue paying annually, or you can switch to paying monthly. Furthermore, all paid developer subscription plans (Builder Plan and above) will have an additional commercial app deployment license, free of charge. Esri also reduced the pricing of their routing services from $4.00 to $0.50 per 1,000 routes. This rollback of pricing applies to all ArcGIS users.

ArcGIS for Developers offers a complete set of tools and resources every developer needs to create maps and produce analytics solutions that ultimately supports the growth of businesses. This new and improved ArcGIS will bring the power of mapping to its users while providing a seamless and flexible experience.April9 can help develop the perfect tech solution for your business. April9 has helped clients like the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) in successfully integrating GIS into their monitoring system. With an agile team comprised of a Senior JavaScript Developer and a GIS specialist, April9 was able to provide the client with an advanced Monitoring and Reporting System (MARS) that uses an embedded map function to allow for geospatial analysis.If you are looking into how you can leverage technology for your company, be sure to schedule your consultation with April9 today.

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