The importance of UX research and design in a digital project image

The importance of UX research and design in a digital project

The importance of UX research and design in a digital project

There are multitudes of problem-solving techniques that UX designers use to address issues, but if they are not data-driven, they probably won’t work. When your solutions are not based on user-centred data, you may just add more problems instead of addressing them

User Experience (UX) research is crucial. Most companies know this, but sometimes because of restrictions, they fail to make an effort to do it. However, if you really want your digital project to succeed, dedicating time, finances, and effort in UX research should be one of your priorities.

Listening to your users is key

The first problem that most companies face is the idea that they “know their users”. If you’ve been working in the industry for an extended period, this may be true. But being familiar with your users is different from listening to them. When you’re so familiar with your users, you might tend to make generalisations instead of relying on the data. With UX research, you will focus on your user’s behaviour to understand them. You will be observing them in their natural contexts. When you directly observe your users, every decision your UX designer does will be guided with insights uncovered in UX research.

The Importance of UX Research

Skipping UX Research is way too risky. Assuming your customer’s needs will bring more issues than solutions. Your company may even have differing perspectives on who your customer is. Furthermore, the needs of your customers and their perspective of your brand may differ through time. So just because a UX design has worked before, it doesn’t mean it will work again now. Your customers develop and grow through time, and their needs change. UX Research allows you to follow this journey.

With UX research, you will get data-driven insights about your customer that will help build a digital project that brings value to your business. You’ll address the needs of your end-users and in turn, your ROI is generated. UX research helps prove that your plan will ensure that no money is spent on unnecessary projects. Before spending your finances on any digital project, it tells you where you need to allot your resources to get the most out of it. Furthermore, businesses argue that tangible results are not easily shown through research. To address this issue, make sure that one of the goals of your user research is to answer critical business questions. When the questions of your key stakeholders are answered, insights to important issues will be unravelled and stakeholders will be more invested in your research because they understand its value.

UX Research guides you in the right direction

One of the main problems of businesses, believe it or not, is that they are probably not solving the right problem. And of course, UX research ensures this won’t happen. When you prioritise research, you can pinpoint the main issues you are facing thus making it quicker to solve. With UX research, your assumptions are validated with data. You’ll have the right solutions that answer the right problems.  Ultimately, this will lead to satisfied end users because you will be providing them with a solution to their real problem. Therefore, your business will become valuable to them, and they will be motivated to return to your business.  UX is your end user’s every interaction with your company, your product or services. Indeed, UX research may cost you, but it will all be worth every penny. When you run a digital project with just assumptions, you will not be targeting the users’ actual wants and needs. Without UX research, you may even end up spending more because you’ll be putting all of your time and resources on a product that doesn’t meet your end user’s expectations.  April9’s UX designers are not just equipped with technical skills. They understand your business and your users to help you implement projects that will leave your customers wanting more.With April9, your UX will not just set you apart. It will take you to the top.

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