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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Software Developer

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Software Developer

There’s no doubt that software development has become an essential part of businesses in the digital age. If your company has decided to outsource to a software development firm, you have to ensure that they would be the perfect fit for your company and they have the skills to push your company forward. Here are five questions to ask software developers to know if they are the right firm for you:

1. Do you have the technology to match our needs?

There are software development firms who specialize in different technologies, and it's important that you partner up with the firm that suits your needs. Ask what coding language and software they use to make sure that the process they go through will provide value to your business. While talking to various firms, discuss your project thoroughly and evaluate the different approaches they offer. You can also check out their website and read their blogs to see the technologies they offer. If you’re just starting up on a project and don’t have a specific technology you want to use, ask them the best course of action. If the software development firm is going to help mid-project when you’ve already built something using a specific technology, always make sure they are experts on this to make sure no roadblocks would hinder your project from moving forward.

2. What does your software development look like?

You have to see how their software development process works. For one, it is important that their process would seamlessly work with your internal process. You have to have the perfect rhythm so the project can go smoothly. But most importantly, their process should be well-defined with a successful track record. Developing software consists of hundreds of steps, thus if their operation is detailed and intricate, you know they are reliable. Don't be afraid to ask them their entire method and why it works for them. Know each step of the process, who works on each step, how they do it, and how they adjust when issues arise. This will not only show their skills as developers but also their commitment to their work, which is ideal if you want a long-term relationship with your software development firm.

3. Have you worked on a project similar to mine?

This is a big factor to consider while choosing your software development firm. If they have worked on a similar project, they would be knowledgeable about the best practices, approaches, and techniques to work on your project efficiently. Having experience on a similar project gives them the advantage of knowing the industry well enough to fully understand what your company needs. They might have already faced specific problems that your business is currently facing, and they have already developed systems to help solve them. When it comes to technology, it also pays to have software developers that are experts in the systems you are using. They will know the tech inside out and they know how to correctly incorporate it into your project.

4. How do you communicate during the project?

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but communication is crucial for your project to be a success. No matter how good your software development team is, if there’s even the slightest miscommunication between the two of you, things can go south. You have to ask them how they plan to have constant communication with you and your team during the whole development process. You should always be updated every step of the way to guide them towards the direction you want your business heading in.

5. Why should I choose your firm?

A bit like a job interview question, but it’s an important one. With this question, you’ll see what the firm values. Of course, most firms would showcase the technologies they’ve mastered and their team of trained software developers but more than that, you have to look for a firm that cares for your business. Do they want to get to know your business? Do they want to help you reach your goals? Do they educate you about the process? These are important factors you have to consider, especially when you’ll be having a long-term relationship with them. You want a firm that will not only help you develop applications and software, but also help your business grow.

Choosing the right firm can be a lot of work, but if you get the right software development firm to help your project, half the work is already done. April9 offers digital consultation and other personalised services to help you solve your business needs. Check out our website, or get in touch with us to schedule your digital consultation now.

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