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UX/UI Trends for 2020

UX/UI Trends for 2020

With a new year come new design trends. Technology has heavily influenced UX/UI trends over the past few years, and 2020 is no different. But as the trends continue to evolve, one thing remains constant – these ‘trends’ are not only used to satisfy the users’ aesthetic requirements, but it also gives them high-level usability. With the right combination of these trends, it will lead to happy customers, therefore success for your business.

Here are the design trends in the world of user interface and experience that you need to watch out for in 2020:

Design should have meaningful value and storytelling

As technology progresses, designers and developers are equipped with powerful tools that aid them in the creation of designs. In 2020 these designs are expected to focus on meaning and narrative, rather than sensation and emotion. Design is one of the tools that help address issues faced by companies. Therefore, it can be used to convey the essence and substance of a company to its customers.

The value of a company should be shared through compelling storytelling around a digital experience. While visual elements are essential, copywriting has become of the most vital components for excellent user experience. The aesthetics attract users but the narrative engages them with the brand. This connection keeps users from just browsing through your content. Instead, they want to be a part of your story.

Customisation is key

Providing custom and tailored experience for your customers is one of the ultimate trends this year. While there are proven best practices and methods for specific goals (eg., increasing conversions during checkout), providing a custom experience for your consumer means you have a strong understanding of their needs. With UX/UI, you can integrate customisation on many website assets, especially in navigation. When navigation is logically woven into your company’s story and is integrated into the flow of information, you can expect better results.

Uninterrupted UX

Think about the purchase journey of your consumers on your e-commerce website. When they anticipate their need and see your product, how many pages do they have to go through to finalise their purchase? If you need a minute to count, it’s probably way too many and that means friction on the customer’s user experience. Every second is precious; distractions rob your consumers' attention and might even lose you the sale.

Uninterrupted UX is a trend expected to rise this year to ensure that your customer’s purchase journey goes as smoothly as possible. Every piece of information the user needs about the product, the CTA, the checkout or buy button should be on one page. With mobile, integrating payments into simple gesture and face IDs are also explored.

The new design of smartphones

Most of the phones manufactured in the past years have lost their borders, and they have rounded edges. Because of this physical change, the interface changes along with it. Sharp-edged elements might be an issue for designers for mobile UI and app design.

Furthermore, smartphones usually no longer have home and on-screen buttons to give space for the displayed content. Navigation then relies on gestures to achieve a cleaner screen, which also poses a challenge to designers. Users are then required to learn new navigational styles; therefore, designers should consider adding visual hints to help them understand the process.

Furthermore, full-screen smartphone apps that are running on the latest OS are implementing Dark Mode, a trend that designers can consider while creating a new platform this year.

Designers should be aware of all of the updates and changes in the world of smartphones and mobile app developments as they greatly affect UI and UX.

Unique design, illustrations, and animation

As more and more users go digital, companies from all over the world have followed to make sure that they are on top of the competition. However, this means that there’s a greater need for every company to stand out among the growing population of businesses online. This will give rise to more unique designs that will help companies to stand out from the generic. However, this does not mean user experience should be compromised. These unique illustrations and animations should give a friendly and inviting vibe for a better experience.

The one-of-a-kind illustrations, aside from making your page stand out, also give your website or mobile app character and personality. Illustration with dynamism captures the attention of the users. Design partnered with the proper storytelling will help connect your customer with your brand and what you have to offer at a glance.

Augmented Reality

As new technologies arise, UX/UI trends are expected to go above and beyond what is expected. It might even involve a literal “outside the box” thinking as the latest trends may lean towards going beyond the screens of laptops or phones. UX/UI should now focus on interactions which gives a feeling of a real-world environment – Augmented Reality. Designers should start expanding their knowledge on the upcoming AR UI kits, and they should delve deeper into the context and function of AR experience for their users.

Artificial Intelligence

This shouldn’t come as any surprise. AI's importance has been continuously growing for the past year, and this year will be no different. AI is expected to be integrated into almost every product, and because it has the ability to collect data on users, we can see more personalised products that are tailored to each user. Because of AI, companies will know more about their target market’s likes and dislikes, and behaviour, giving them the chance to create a better user experience, leading to high conversion rates.

Data visualisation

More technologies that make elegant and stunning interactive experiences are becoming more accessible. Businesses should take this opportunity to focus their strategies on visual data. If you can visualise your message, then it is better to show than to tell. Data visualisation does not only revolve around graphs and charts that make data more digestible. Your data can be presented in a graphic way depending on your target market.

User Interface and User Experience are vital facets of a business’ success. Great design doesn’t just set you apart – it takes you to the top. When appropriately done UI and UX are more than just the aesthetics. They can increase sales, onboarding and user adoption rates, and give you a competitive advantage. If you want to leverage UX/UI design for your company, don’t forget to schedule your free appointment today.

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