Which Mobile App type is right for me? Native, Hybrid, and HTML5 explained image

Which Mobile App type is right for me? Native, Hybrid, and HTML5 explained

Which Mobile App type is right for me? Native, Hybrid, and HTML5 explained

By the end of this year, the global number of smartphone users is projected to skyrocket to 2.87 billion. All over the world, over 60% of users access the internet using their mobile phones. These numbers are only going to keep increasing.

In a world that is fast becoming technologically social, mobile apps play a vital role for businesses. Today there are more mobile devices than people, and mobile applications are no longer just a useful solution - they have become a necessity for businesses to survive. If you want to compete in your industry, you have to have the right platform to reach your audience by building a mobile app that they will adopt and draw value from.

But building a mobile app is no easy task. There are several factors to consider, but most importantly, you have to answer this question: Which mobile app type is right for your business?

In this blog, we will discuss the different mobile app types to help you determine which one is the perfect fit for you.

There are three popular mobile app development options available with their own set of functionalities.

Native App Development

With native mobile apps, the functionalities are built specifically for a given platform. You will be using the development tools and languages that the platform supports. Native mobile apps are developed using an integrated development environment (IDE). Everything a professional developer needs can be found within the IDE. Tools for version control, debugging, and project management are all available, making it a popular option for many.

They also offer the most in-depth functionality compared to other apps. Furthermore, because everything is built-in and specifically designed for the platform, it provides the best usability and ensures seamless mobile user experience. Other unique features of native apps include fluid animation, fast graphics, ease of use, multi-touch support, and simple documentation.

HTML5 App Development

When using HTML5 App Development, your end-product will be device-independent and can be accessible in any modern mobile web browser. HTML5 mobile apps are essentially a web page or a series of web pages design to work on a small screen. Compared to native or hybrid apps, HTML5 mobile apps can be easily developed.

HTML5 apps are great examples of cross-platform development because they can be coded to be served over the web to various devices. It is widely used and is an accepted web standard because your apps will be compatible with both mobile devices and desktop browsers. While other apps are stored locally, HTML5 apps are run from the web; thus, users don’t have to download updates to view the content of the app. Apps created through HTML5, however, may not run well with interruptions in connectivity.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps, as the name suggests, is the combination of the elements and functionalities of both native and HTML5 (or web) apps. When creating hybrid apps, both HTML5 and JavaScript are primarily used, and one of the most used containers for developing hybrid mobile apps is PhoneGap.

Program developers write the core of hybrid applications as HTML5 mobile apps. When this is done, a native wrapper is placed around it to act as an intermediary. The wrapper then receives instructions and transforms it into a command that the mobile device understands.

Unlike HTML5 apps, hybrid apps can function regardless of the device’s connectivity. They consist of an embedded browser that improves access to various online content. Furthermore, hybrid apps can be integrated into both the device’s file system and web-based services.

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