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Jan 2024|5 min read

AEN - International Employer Accreditation Platform

About the Organisation

The Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) stands as Australia's largest employer of apprentices and trainees, functioning as a national network of group training organisations. Employing over 24,000 apprentices and trainees, AEN plays a pivotal role in supporting its members through advocacy, negotiation, and policy setting at both state and national levels.


In the pursuit of optimising workforce development, AEN faced the challenge of enhancing the apprenticeship accreditation process, ensuring a streamlined approach to employer accreditation and management of the entire accreditation lifecycle.


Accreditation Enhancement:

Streamlining and modernizing the accreditation process for employers.

Efficient Management:

Developing efficient portals for employers and accreditation partners.

Composable Solutions Delivered

1. Public Website

A publicly accessible website was developed to guide employers through the accreditation process. Key features included self-registration, accreditation benefits, and a comprehensive overview of the apprenticeship employment accreditation journey.

2. Employer Portal

A dedicated portal empowered organisations to manage their accreditation status seamlessly. Users associated with the organisation could apply for accreditation, view current status, download certificates, and initiate renewal processes as needed.

3. Accreditation Partner Portal

This portal facilitated accreditation partners in managing applications for specific countries. The partner user had the ability to review submissions, mark responses, and oversee the accreditation process. Self-management functionalities for accreditation body details and user access were also integrated.

4. Back-office Systems

Employer and Accreditation Partner portals were seamlessly connected to a back-office solution. This solution served as a central hub for data storage and business workflow processing. Back-office administrators had the authority to manage application requirements and pricing rules for each country.

Client Outcomes

The implementation of these composable solutions led to significant outcomes for AEN and its stakeholders:

Efficient Accreditation:

Streamlined and modernised the employer accreditation process.

User-Friendly Portals:

Provided user-friendly portals for employers and accreditation partners.

Centralised Back-office:

Established a centralised back-office for data storage and workflow processing.

AEN successfully embraced modern solutions, fostering efficiency, accessibility, and enhanced management capabilities in the realm of workforce development and apprenticeship accreditation.

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