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Jan 2024|5 min read

Revolutionising User Management with a Secure Web Portal

About the Organisation

At the core of the Australian Government's operations, the Department of Finance plays a pivotal role in supporting diverse policy areas and ensuring effective outcomes through the Budget process. This central agency advocates for leading practices in public sector resource management, governance, and accountability frameworks. Additionally, Finance advises the government on strategic priorities, including optimal arrangements for managing and owning public assets.

Areas of Focus

The Department of Finance structures its operations around four key functions as outlined in its Corporate Plan:

1. Budget and Financial Reporting

2. Business Enabling Services

3. Commercial and Government Services

4. Governance and Resource Management


The following customer needs were identified:

1. Enable admin users to independently manage accounts without relying on technical/help desk personnel.

2. Enhance user experience by addressing gaps in Azure Portal functionalities, such as sending welcome emails to new registered users.

3. Retrieve user information from Azure AD for use on the Launchpad, including displaying last login info and access to apps.


To deliver a Single Sign-On (SSO) federated, accessibility-compliant web portal (referred to as 'The Portal'). The Portal must allow users to access third-party services based on their authority/role, view content from the Online Information Repository (OIR), and submit First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to Gallagher Bassett Pty Ltd.

Composable Solutions Delivered

April9 provided a fully-architected web and content management solution, including:

- Sitemap and Content Discovery

- UI & UX Design

- Website Development, in line with WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards

- Mobile Responsiveness

- Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup for Secure Web Portal

- User Management System (UMS)

- "First Notice of Loss (FNOL)" Solution Integrated with Backend Systems

- Custom Exporting Feature for Embedded PowerBI Reports

- Google Analytics Setup and Reports Creation

Client Outcomes

The implemented solution resulted in:

- Empowered Admin Users: Independent management of accounts without technical assistance.

- Improved User Experience: Enhanced functionalities addressing Azure Portal gaps.

- Secure Web Portal: Single Sign-On (SSO) federated portal ensuring data security.

- Efficient FNOL Submission: Integration with Gallagher Bassett Pty Ltd for streamlined processes.

- Data-Driven Insights: Custom exporting feature and Google Analytics for comprehensive reporting.

The Department of Finance achieved a transformative solution, enhancing user management, accessibility, and overall efficiency in fulfilling its diverse functions.

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