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Jan 2024|4 min read

Autogami - Transforming Automotive Communication with Composable Solutions

About the Organisation

Autogami, a messaging and automation platform dedicated to the growth of dealerships and service centers, has established its presence across 200+ dealerships in Australia and New Zealand.

Impressive Achievements

In its inaugural year, Autogami achieved remarkable milestones:

- 8.5M Messages Sent

- 75% Response Rate for Additional Work Orders

- $50M Additional Work Generated

- $100M Handled via SMS Payments


Seeking to expand its service offerings, Autogami envisioned a mobile application that would empower sales consultants and technicians alike. The goal was to facilitate personalised communication, allowing sales consultants to capture and share custom photos and videos of vehicles with potential buyers. Simultaneously, technicians could use the same app to provide real-time updates on service repair orders, ensuring timely communication with both the head office and customers.


The primary challenge was to bring this vision to life, necessitating the collaboration of mobile app developers to complement Autogami's expertise in back-end API services.

Composable Solutions Delivered

Autogami's innovative mobile application seamlessly integrated with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration empowered dealers and salespeople to:

Follow up Faster

- Initiate swift follow-ups with customers via SMS.

Book Appointments

- Schedule test drives and service appointments promptly, outpacing competitors.

Client Outcomes

Autogami's transformative solutions delivered tangible outcomes for automotive businesses:

Increase Profitability & CSI Scores

- Enhanced customer satisfaction scores and increased profitability.

Maximize Service Revenue & Retention

- Optimize service revenue streams and improve customer retention.

Contactless Checkout

- Facilitate secure and contactless checkout processes.

DMS Compatible

- Seamless compatibility with Dealership Management Systems (DMS).

Autogami's success story demonstrates the power of composable solutions in revolutionising communication within the automotive industry, providing a competitive edge and driving significant business growth.

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