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Jan 2024|6 min read

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

About the Organisation

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is Queensland's leading natural resource management agency. It's responsible for protecting the state's precious natural resources and ensuring their sustainable use. With over 2,000 staff across 170 sites, DAF plays a vital role in supporting Queensland's agricultural industries, guarding the environment, and promoting sustainable land management practices.


Fire ants pose a significant threat to Queensland’s environment, agriculture, and public health. As a category 1 "super pest", fire ants can cause serious damage to crops and infrastructure, disrupt natural ecosystems, and inflict painful stings on humans and animals. To tackle this threat, DAF embarked on an ambitious 10-year fire ant eradication plan.

A critical challenge facing DAF was the need to modernise its fire ant reporting and monitoring systems. The existing system relied heavily on paper-based data collection, which was inefficient and prone to errors. This outdated method hindered DAF's ability to accurately track fire ant infestations, assess the effectiveness of eradication efforts, and make informed decisions.

Composable Solutions Delivered

To address these challenges, April9 teamed up with DAF to develop an innovative in-field data capture platform. This solution utilised iPads to empower DAF fire ant inspectors to collect and manage data in real-time. The platform enabled inspectors to:

  • Input data directly from the field, eliminating the need for manual transcription

  • Update job status and provide information regarding access to properties

  • Report on the severity of infestations and the success of treatments

  • Schedule follow-up treatments and take photographs for documentation

  • Add comments and observations from both the inspector and the property owner

All data collected through the platform was securely uploaded to DAF's central database, creating a single source of truth for fire ant infestation information. Additionally, the platform was integrated with GIS mapping software, providing inspectors with real-time access to detailed maps and data layers. This integration enabled inspectors to:

  • Quickly identify fire ant nests upon arrival at properties

  • Navigate efficiently to infestation sites using layered GIS maps

  • Mark newly discovered nests for future treatment

Client Outcomes

The in-field data capture platform has transformed DAF's fire ant eradication program, delivering significant benefits:

  • Enhanced data accuracy and completeness: Real-time data capture eliminated errors associated with manual transcription and ensured complete data collection.

  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs: By streamlining data collection and reporting processes, the platform saved DAF valuable time and resources.

  • Empowered decision-making: Real-time access to accurate data enabled DAF to make informed decisions about treatment strategies and resource allocation.

  • Enhanced transparency and collaboration: The platform facilitated communication and data sharing between inspectors, property owners, and DAF management.

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