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Jan 2024|4 min read

Dexus - Enhancing Community Engagement Through Innovative Solutions

About the Organisation

Dexus, a prominent Australasian fully integrated real asset group, boasts an extensive portfolio valued at $61.0 billion. With expertise in funds, asset management, property investment, and development, Dexus actively manages real estate and infrastructure, amplifying opportunities for investors and communities alike.

Some impressive numbers from Dexus:

- Total funds under management: $61.0 billion

- Engaged employees: 1000+

- Group development pipeline: $17.4 billion


Dexus recognised the need to enhance its community engagement efforts and build a tool that could:

- Increase project awareness across the community

- Minimize disruptions caused by project works and road closures

- Strengthen its relationship with the community


Dexus faced several challenges in achieving effective community engagement, including the need to improve project communication, mitigate disruptions, and establish stronger community ties.

Solution Delivered

To address these challenges, April9 developed a comprehensive Community Engagement tool that facilitated:

- Real-time construction updates: Keeping the community informed about ongoing projects

- Geo-fenced rewards for residents and workers: Incentivising community involvement and support

- Ongoing experience improvement via data gathering: Utilising feedback to enhance engagement strategies

Client Outcomes

The implementation of the Community Engagement tool yielded significant outcomes for Dexus:

- Enhanced Awareness: Real-time updates improved community awareness of ongoing projects.

- Minimised Disruptions: Geo-fenced rewards and proactive communication helped minimize disruptions.

- Strengthened Community Relations: The tool contributed to fostering a positive relationship between Dexus and the community.

- Data-Driven Improvements: Continuous data gathering allowed for ongoing improvements in community engagement strategies.

Dexus successfully leveraged innovative solutions to connect with and positively impact the communities surrounding its projects, demonstrating a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and community well-being.

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