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Mar 2024|7 min read

Eagers Automotive - EasyAuto 123 Website Rebuild

About the Organisation

Eagers Automotive, a stalwart in the Australian automotive industry, with a century-long legacy, operates across 250 locations in Australia and New Zealand. Representing 19 out of the top 20 selling car brands and 9 out of the top 10 luxury car brands, Eagers' dealership network annually services over 1 million vehicles, solidifying their position as a prominent industry player.


Eagers Automotive set out to automate EasyAuto 123 (EA123) website operations in order to:

  • Eliminate manual tasks performed by software developers

  • Enhance Content Management System (CMS) capabilities, and

  • Align back-end services with Eagers' vision for increased agility and reduced maintenance costs.


1. Introduction of CMS Capabilities:

- Enabling non-technical users to create, edit, and publish content.

- Improving content organization, version control, and security features.

2. Improved and Aligned Back-end Services:

- Decoupling back-end services for increased agility, scalability, and maintainability.

- Reducing costs and minimizing technical debt.

Composable Solutions Delivered


1. Website Design and Template:

- Web assets for CMS solution.

2. Stack9 CMS:

- Proposed CMS with robust integration capabilities.

3. Eagers-managed Back-end Services:

- Supporting websites with a focus on alignment with Eagers' vision.

4. Third-Party Services:

- Integrating existing solutions in use by the current EA123 website.

Technology Stack:

- Front-end Website:

  • Built using modern JavaScript frameworks like ReactJs with server-side rendering (SSR).

  • Prioritizing speed, responsiveness, and an exceptional user experience for browsing and vehicle searches.

- Hosting / Managed Services:

  • Docker containers for easy deployment and removal of server management complexities.

  • Utilizing CI/CD pipelines for efficient and reliable software releases.

Client Outcomes

The comprehensive solution resulted in:

- Streamlined Website Operations: Automated tasks, reducing dependence on manual intervention.

- Enhanced CMS Capabilities: Empowered non-technical users to manage content seamlessly.

- Agile and Scalable Infrastructure: Decoupled back-end services for increased agility and scalability.

- Cost Reduction: Minimized technical debt and maintenance costs.

Eagers Automotive's commitment to innovation and operational efficiency is reflected in the successful transformation of the EasyAuto123 website, ensuring a seamless user experience and aligning with industry-leading standards.

"There are a lot of workflow tools out there that we could have used for this project. What we needed was a technology partner who could come onboard and understand our business. Working with April9 has been a great experience – you get an army of technology professionals backing you up to make sure your applications are a success."

Sameer Oghanna
Head of Automation and Digitalisation, Eagers Automotive Ltd.

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