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Jan 2024|5 min read

Eagers Employee Hub

About the Organisation

Eagers Automotive, a longstanding presence in the Australian automotive industry, has been a key player for over a century. As an automotive retail group, they operate across 250 locations in Australia and New Zealand, representing various automotive brands. Servicing over 1 million vehicles annually, Eagers Automotive has earned a solid position in the industry.

Transforming Internal Communication and Employee Experience


Eagers faced challenges in effectively communicating with its vast national workforce. Limited email access for many staff members and doubts about the efficiency of their intranet system complicated matters. The recent merger with AHG added more complexity, increasing the number of staff and requiring careful culture integration. Eagers sought April9's assistance to propose a practical solution to enhance communication and improve the overall employee experience.

Composable Solutions Delivered

April9 proposed the "Eagers Hub", which includes a mobile app for company-wide announcements accessible to all 11,000 staff members. The solutions included:

1. Content Management and Delivery Platform

2. User Onboarding and Registration Process (Mobile App)

3. Customizable News Feed (Mobile App)

4. Push Notifications (Mobile App)

5. Resources (Mobile App & Intranet)

6. Calendar and Events (Mobile App & Intranet)

7. Employee Benefits (Mobile App)

8. Job Opportunities (Mobile App & Intranet)

9. Dealerships List (Mobile App & Intranet)

10. Data Analytics (Mobile App & Intranet)

11. Staff Directory (Mobile App & Intranet)

The goal was to facilitate effective company-wide communication through a user-friendly solution accessible via mobile devices.

Client Outcomes

The solution resulted in:

- Improved communication across the organization.

- Better employee experience with easy access to essential information.

- Enhanced company-wide announcements and updates.

- Greater accessibility to resources, job opportunities, and employee benefits.

- Comprehensive data analytics for informed decision-making.

The Eagers Hub effectively addressed communication challenges, providing a practical and connected solution for Eagers Automotive's workforce.

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