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Jan 2024|6 min read

Eagers Fleet Portal

About the Organisation

Eagers Automotive, a stalwart in the Australian automotive industry for over a century, boasts a rich legacy. As a pure automotive retail group, Eagers operates across 250 locations in Australia and New Zealand, representing a diverse portfolio of automotive brands. They stand out by holding the representation of 19 out of the top 20 selling car brands in Australia and 9 out of the top 10 luxury car brands. Annually, their dealership network services over 1 million vehicles, solidifying their prominent position in the industry.


Insurance companies leverage Eagers Automotive for provisioning replacement vehicles in the event of write-offs, involving thousands of replacement transactions annually. Traditionally, the tendering and processing of these replacement vehicles were managed through manual processes using MS Excel files and email exchanges. This led to delays and administrative burdens for all stakeholders involved.

To address these challenges, Eagers partnered with April9 to develop their New Vehicle Replacement Portal, aiming to streamline the replacement process and alleviate administrative burdens.

Composable Solutions Delivered

Upon engagement, April9 immersed itself in understanding the intricate business workflows that governed Eagers' vehicle procurement process. Recognizing the potential to build a Fleet Portal driven by processes and workflows, April9 introduced Stack9 to expedite the development process.

Utilising Stack9, April9 seamlessly created various entity types, established entity relationships, defined stages of the tender application lifecycle, configured user groups and permissions, and implemented automated notifications and status changes based on business rules and specific user actions.

Throughout the discovery, development, and delivery phases, extensive stakeholder consultation and user acceptance testing were conducted to ensure that the Fleet Portal's features precisely met the end users' requirements.

Client Outcomes

The implementation of the Fleet Portal proved to be a resounding success, ushering in significant efficiencies for Eagers and their partners. Vehicle tenders, which previously took up to 40 days to fulfil, are now processed in under a week, showcasing a remarkable improvement in operational speed and effectiveness.

Encouraged by the success of the project, Eagers commissioned two additional Stack9 projects to empower other business units, further cementing the collaborative success between Eagers Automotive and April9.

"There are a lot of workflow tools out there that we could have used for this project. What we needed was a technology partner who could come onboard and understand our business. Working with April9 has been a great experience – you get an army of technology professionals backing you up to make sure your applications are a success."

Sameer Oghanna
Head of Automation and Digitalisation, Eagers Automotive Ltd.

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