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Jan 2024|3 min read

Australia's most trusted FBT vehicle logbook solution

Case Study: GPS Innovations - Revolutionizing Fleet Management with elogbook

About the Organisation

GPS Innovations, an Australian industry leader, specializes in designing, developing, selling, and supporting innovative solutions to enhance vehicle driver safety and optimize vehicle fleets. Renowned for their expertise in Connected Car data, the organization prioritizes research and development to understand the intricate relationship between driver behavior and vehicle usage.


GPS Innovations, known for its fleet management devices, introduced elogbook, an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) compliant solution, to simplify the management of driver FBT vehicle logbooks. Initially available only on iOS, the company recognized a significant market opportunity gap without an Android version.

Solution Delivered

April9 collaborated with GPS Innovations to bridge the gap, developing the Android version of elogbook. This strategic move not only expanded the app's reach but also solidified GPS Innovations' position in the market. Today, elogbook is a trusted solution utilized by major corporations such as L’Oréal, Unilever, QSuper, 7Eleven, and CUA.

Client Outcomes

For over a decade, elogbook has been a reliable partner for businesses, effectively managing FBT vehicle logbooks and ATO compliance costs. GPS Innovations, in collaboration with April9, continues to revolutionize fleet management, offering smart solutions that enhance efficiency and compliance for businesses of all sizes.

With elogbook available on both iOS and Android, GPS Innovations has empowered its users with:

1. Automatic Reporting

elogbook® streamlines the FBT recording process by automatically identifying the best 12-week period for each driver and vehicle.

2. Notifications for Drivers

The app sends follow-up notifications and alerts, ensuring drivers stay compliant with elogbook® processes.

3. Staying Ahead of the Curve

elogbook® provides peace of mind through a structured end-of-year FBT rollover process and simple management tools.

4. Formatted Reports

Reports and raw data are collected, ready to seamlessly integrate into your finance system.

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