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Feb 2019|4 min read

Greyhound Driver App

Greyhound Australia's national fleet transports 5 million happy passengers every year – but until recently, all of them were being tracked using only pen and paper…

About the Organisation

Greyhound is the largest terrestrial transport network in Australia, travelling to over 180 stops around the nation. Founded over 100 years ago, Greyhound has been providing reliable and affordable bus transportation to Australians for generations.


With a fleet of over 70 buses operating daily, Greyhound relies on an efficient and accurate passenger manifest system. However, the traditional pen-and-paper system was causing frustration and logistical problems for Greyhound's drivers. The outdated system was slow, prone to errors, and lacked real-time visibility.

Solution Delivered

To address these challenges, Greyhound partnered with April9 to develop an electronic manifest system using iPads. The project involved two parallel teams, one responsible for API development (back-end) and the other for iPad app development.

The team worked in 12-fortnight sprint cycles, utilizing automated API testing and continuous deployment to streamline the development process and ensure rapid delivery. This approach enabled the team to focus on feature development and quality assurance.

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The E-Manifest Driver App provides Greyhound drivers with a real-time, tablet-based manifest that is updated whenever a passenger books, boards, exits, or cancels their trip. The app provides drivers with complete visibility into their passenger and cargo information, helping them stay on track and on time.

Client Outcomes

The E-Manifest Driver App has significantly improved Greyhound's operations in several ways:

  • Real-time visibility: Drivers have access to up-to-date passenger and cargo information, ensuring they are aware of any changes to their manifest.

  • Reduced errors: The electronic system eliminates the risk of human error associated with pen-and-paper manifests.

  • Improved communication: Integration with Greyhound's central systems streamlines communication and reduces the need for manual data entry.

  • Enhanced efficiency: The E-Manifest Driver App has improved overall efficiency, allowing drivers to focus on their primary task of safely transporting passengers.

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