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Jan 2024|4 min read

PPQ: Building Powerful User and Staff Experiences

About the Organisation

Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) works with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to provide a range of Personalised Plates to Queenslanders, so they can showcase the stories behind their car plates. Personalised plates can be ordered online, over the phone or personally, from their retail outlet in South Brisbane.

Personalised Plates Queensland


PPQ’s back-office systems and call centre are at the heart of their business. Due to increased customer demand, their systems needed modernising.

April9 placed an onsite team to focus on user experience, software development, project management, and quality assurance testing. Our Agile team worked closely with PPQ’s own developers and stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of new system requirements.

Key areas of focus included system usability and improving the sophistication of the user interface, while still incorporating elements of the legacy systems for the smoothest transition possible.

Composable Solutions Delivered

April9 developed a new, sophisticated eCommerce website which is faster and more user-friendly for customers and staff alike. PPQ’s call centre staff were able to rapidly access and analyse information through their new CRM. The business experienced an immediate productivity boost upon launch.

Client Outcomes

The new call centre system has delivered significant benefits to PPQ, its customers and staff:

  • A fast and modern eCommerce website through which PPQ's customers can order their personalised plates.

  • A modernised CRM system allowing call centre staff to rapidly access customer information and complete transactions over the phone.

  • Productivity boost due to operational efficiencies created by the new systems.

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