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Oct 2019|5 min read

Queensland Government - Your Passport to QLD App

About the Organisation

Education Queensland International (EQI), the commercial arm of the Department of Education International (DEi), operates within the Queensland Government Department of Education. As a leading provider of international student programs in Australia, EQI offers world-class education, a safe and healthy lifestyle, unique cultural experiences, and affordable living for students.

Your Passport to Queensland App


EQI recognised the need to create an app focused on connecting with international students before their departure and during their education stay in Queensland.


1. Development Guidelines:

Adherence to the department’s Mobile Application Development Guide document.

Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

2. Gamification:

Incorporation of gamified elements into the app's content.

3. Push Notifications:

Implementation of push notifications for timely communication.

4. Offline Access:

Displaying the latest content when connected to the Internet.

5. User Engagement:

Automated reminders for users to complete modules within a set time frame.

Composable Solutions Delivered

Your Passport to Queensland is a free mobile app designed to assist international students in settling into their new life and school in Queensland, ensuring a fulfilling study experience. The app features:

Fun Games, Videos, and Activities:

Engaging content to make the learning experience enjoyable.

Safety Guidance:

Information on staying safe at the beach, in the bush, and in the city.

Interactive Modules:

Tailored content to guide international students through various aspects of their study program.

Client Outcomes

The implementation of "Your Passport to Queensland" app resulted in:

Enhanced Student Engagement:

Gamified elements and interactive modules improved user participation.

Effective Communication:

Push notifications facilitated timely updates and reminders.

Compliance and Accessibility:

Adherence to development guidelines and accessibility standards ensured inclusivity.

Optimised Study Experience:

International students received valuable information, fostering a smooth transition and enjoyable stay in Queensland.

EQI's commitment to innovation and student support is exemplified through the success of the "Your Passport to Queensland" app, enriching the study experience for international students in Queensland.

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