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Jan 2024|5 min read

Ensuring Secure Access to All QNMU Staff

About the Organisation

The Queensland Nurses and Midwives' Union (QNMU) stands as Queensland's largest and most influential union, governed by nurses and midwives. Serving as the industrial and professional organisation for healthcare professionals in both public and private sectors, QNMU champions the interests of over 70,000 members, including registered nurses, midwives, enrolled nurses, assistants in nursing, carers, personal care workers, students, and anyone engaged in nursing work. As a state-registered union and a branch of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF), QNMU plays a vital role in advocating for the well-being of its members.


In the pursuit of enhancing operational efficiency, QNMU sought an ICT vendor to develop a secure Launchpad web application. The objective was to empower staff members with seamless access to systems and information, irrespective of their location and network.


The Launchpad needed to integrate seamlessly with QNMU's Identity Provider, Azure AD, to offer Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities. The goal was to establish a unified landing site or portal, eliminating the need for multiple logins and providing QNMU staff with easy access to corporate applications.

Composable Solutions Delivered

Launchpad Website

The QNMU Launchpad serves as a secure web application. Anonymous visitors are directed to QNMU's Azure AD SSO web page, where they input their credentials for authentication. Once authenticated, the system communicates with Azure AD to retrieve user permissions and personalised information displayed in the Launchpad based on roles and access levels.

The Launchpad features an intuitive UI, offering quick access to various applications required for staff duties. Beyond secure access, the Launchpad also functions as a central repository for sharing information not readily available elsewhere.

QNMU’s Azure AD

QNMU utilises Azure AD as a Universal Identity Platform, simplifying access to applications from any network. "Enterprise Applications" including the Launchpad, were registered as trusted applications, enabling Single Sign-on. Active Directory User Groups were leveraged for governance and conditional access, ensuring the Launchpad displayed only applications accessible to each user.

Client Outcomes

The implemented solution resulted in:

- Seamless Access: Staff can securely access systems and information regardless of location.

- Efficient Authentication: Single Sign-on capabilities streamlined the login process.

- Personalised User Experience: Information in the Launchpad is tailored based on user roles and access levels.

- Centralised Repository: The Launchpad serves as a central hub for accessing applications and sharing information.

The Launchpad web application successfully transformed access for QNMU staff, enhancing productivity and providing a secure and user-friendly platform for daily operations.

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