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Nov 2023|4 min read

Developing a new high-level website for Queensland Parliament House

About the Queensland Parliament House

Founded in 1860, the Queensland Parliament House in Brisbane is the meeting place of the Parliament of Queensland, housing its only chamber, the Legislative Assembly. Located on the corner of George Street and Alice Street at Gardens Point in the CBD, the Parliament House is a landmark building that has served as the seat of government for over 150 years.


In 2020, the Queensland Parliament House recognised that its website was no longer meeting the needs of its users or the organisation. The website was over ten years old, outdated, and difficult to use. It was also not responsive, meaning that it did not display well on mobile devices. As a result, the website was not effectively serving the public or the Parliament of Queensland.

Solution Delivered

The Queensland Parliament House engaged us to redesign and redevelop its website. Our goal was to create a website that was modern, user-friendly, and functional. We also wanted to ensure that the website was secure and accessible to all users.

After assessing the needs of the Parliament House, we decided to implement Sitecore, an enterprise-level CMS used by large enterprises and government agencies. Sitecore is a powerful and flexible CMS that would allow us to create a website that met the specific needs of the Parliament House.

We also implemented the highest levels of security and accessibility on the website. We integrated internal systems for Hansard parliament reports and introduced multi-level content approval processes. These measures ensured that the website was secure, accessible, and compliant with government regulations.

Client Outcomes

The Queensland Parliament House now has a beautifully-designed website that is secure, functional, user-friendly, and in tune with its target audience, the citizens of Queensland. The new website has improved communication with the public and increased engagement with the Parliament of Queensland.

Key Benefits

  • Modern, user-friendly design

  • Responsive design for mobile devices

  • Secure and accessible website

  • Integration with internal systems

  • Multi-level content approval processes

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