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Jan 2024|4 min read

Stacking Up a New Surf Trip

About the Organisation

Surf Life Saving Australia, an Aussie icon, serves as the nation's primary authority on coastal water safety, drowning prevention, and rescue operations. With 190,000 members and 314 affiliated Surf Life Saving Clubs, SLSA is the largest volunteer movement of its kind in Australia and globally. Operating as a unique not-for-profit organisation, SLSA relies on community donations, fundraising, corporate sponsorship, and government grants. Since its establishment in 1907, Surf Life Saving Australia has rescued over 715,000 people.


As a public-facing non-profit organisation, Surf Life Saving Australia Foundation places a premium on security and a positive user experience to uphold its reputation, secure trust, and ensure ongoing support from members and donors. The existing website needed a comprehensive overhaul, addressing both system and design perspectives. Seamless eCommerce integration with SLSA's chosen payment platforms was crucial for the Foundation and the Lottery websites, aligning fundraising efforts with evolving technologies.


1. Website Revamp: Overhauling the website for improved functionality and design.

2. Secure eCommerce Integration: Integrating secure eCommerce functionality with chosen payment platforms.

3. User Experience: Ensuring a positive and user-friendly experience for visitors.

4. Fundraising Technology: Updating fundraising methods to align with new technologies.

Composable Solutions Delivered

April9 delivered a fully-architected web and content management solution, comprising:

- Appeals Website

- Foundation Website

- Donation Campaigns and Checkout

- Lottery Tickets and Checkout

Client Outcomes

The implemented solution resulted in:

- Enhanced Security: Robust security measures to safeguard user data and maintain trust.

- Improved User Experience: A user-friendly interface for seamless navigation and engagement.

- Efficient Fundraising: Streamlined donation campaigns and lottery ticket purchasing processes.

- Modernised Technology: Up-to-date eCommerce integration with chosen payment platforms.

Surf Life Saving Australia Foundation successfully transformed its digital presence, ensuring a secure and positive online environment for its community of supporters. The updated web solution aligns with contemporary fundraising methods, supporting SLSA's mission to save lives and maintain its status as a vital Australian institution.

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