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Jan 2024|6 min read

Tracking Livestock, from Farm to Overseas Processing

About Austrex

Established in 1973, AUSTREX is a leader in the global livestock industry and a pioneer of the livestock export trade. Over our 48 years of operating, they have built a reputation for prioritising animal welfare while providing innovative livestock supply chain solutions.

Sourcing high-quality livestock and genetics from trusted suppliers in Australia and around the world, AUSTREX focused on building strong, long-lasting relationships to ensure customer satisfaction.


Contributing $250m a year to the Australian economy, AUSTREX is a global leader in livestock exports and supply chain management. Their business relies on a far-reaching array of interconnected systems working in close harmony. With continued growth and global expansion, AUSTREX needed a new approach to consolidating those systems and the many related business processes affecting staff across all areas of the business.

The volume of data, entities and documents was staggering, with each individual animal needing to be tagged and tracked from the moment it leaves the farm to its final destination in the destination country. At numerous junctures throughout its journey the status of the animal must be recorded and input by in-field personnel, including RFID scanning and welfare status reports.

Composable Solutions Delivered

The platform built and delivered by April9 handles the tracking processes through dynamic forms and rules-based workflows. The Livestock Supply Chain project has an extremely diverse stakeholder distribution - in addition to the project owners based here in Brisbane, there are business units all across Australia as well as in the destination countries of Russia, China, USA, Uruguay, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and New Zealand, who all require different access levels to the platform.

The modules delivered as part of the platform are: Procurement, Health and Welfare, Traceability, Export Protocols, Compliance, Breeding and Growing, Properties Register, Backgrounding, Transport, Shipping, Processing, and Asset Tracking.

The project took nearly 3 years to complete, running agile methodologies. The platform is hosted in AWS using the AWS Well-Architected framework. It’s composed of a back-office solution, multiple databases and an in-field data capture mobile application.

Services provided: Solution Discovery, Solution Architecture & Design, UI/UX, Software Development, Low-code Platform, DevSecOps (AWS), Data migration, Quality Assurance, and Managed Services.

Client Outcomes

  • AUSTREX now relies on a single platform - rather than 20+ systems - that consolidates all its livestock operations throughout farming, transporting, selling, and processing.

  • The solution replaced outdated and deprecated web services technologies, minimising the risks of data breaches and delivering a more modern, integrable technology stack.

  • A best-practice DevOps AWS-centred cloud architecture strategy, with improved security and compliance.

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