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Jan 2024|5 min read

Eagers Automotive - Vehicle Purchasing Platform

About the Organisation

Eagers Automotive, a cornerstone of the Australian automotive industry, boasts a century-long legacy. Operating across 250 locations in Australia and New Zealand, Eagers represents 19 out of the top 20 selling car brands and 9 out of the top 10 luxury car brands. Their dealership network annually services over 1 million vehicles, solidifying their position as a prominent industry player.


Amidst the challenges brought by the COVID pandemic, Eagers Automotive faced a surge in demand for used cars in Australia. With car manufacturers delaying exports, Eagers' dealerships were selling cars faster than they could replace stock. This prompted the need for a solution to expedite car purchases, considering the high demand and fluctuating market prices.


Eagers faced critical challenges:

- Time Sensitivity: The urgency to meet high demand and prevent missed sales opportunities.

- Comprehensive Inventory: Ingesting car listings from various sources to maximize inventory and assess median prices.

- Agile Workflows: Aligning internal car buying practices with the dynamic needs of the market.

Composable Solutions Delivered

April9 implemented a robust vehicle purchase platform, providing Eagers' car buyers and executives with key insights:

- Daily ingestion statistics of listings and generated leads.

- User-specific data on leads, views, discards, conversions, and pricing lookups.

- Performance metrics per Business Unit, tracking deals created, successful conversions, and failures.

Client Outcomes

The implementation of the vehicle purchase platform resulted in significant outcomes for Eagers Automotive:

- Efficient Operations: Streamlined workflows led to faster and more informed vehicle purchases.

- Optimized Inventory: Comprehensive listing ingestion expanded the available inventory, meeting market demands.

- Enhanced Decision-Making: Real-time insights empowered users to make informed decisions, boosting deal conversions.

Eagers Automotive successfully navigated the challenges of the pandemic-driven market by leveraging a tailored solution that enhanced efficiency, maximized inventory, and facilitated data-driven decision-making in the fast-paced automotive industry.

"There are a lot of workflow tools out there that we could have used for this project. What we needed was a technology partner who could come onboard and understand our business. Working with April9 has been a great experience – you get an army of technology professionals backing you up to make sure your applications are a success."

Sameer Oghanna
Head of Automation and Digitalisation, Eagers Automotive Ltd.

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