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We’re a close team of passionate experts that love the power of technology

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Thiago Passos

CEO & Founder

With over 25 years experience in the software development industry, Thiago partner with enterprises and organisations to empower their teams, streamline inefficient processes, unify disparate systems, modernise technologies, and ramp up profitability using intelligent ICT solutions.

An IT professional who wants to be a farmer on the weekends. Proud father of sporty girls.

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Emily Lu

Business Operations Manager

With 20+ years of experience, Emily has worked in business operations, project and finance management. She's the go-to support person for our CEOs and management team, making sure everything runs smoothly and the business thrives. Emily savours sunshine on the mountain trails and owns the dance floor with styles from salsa to contemporary.

These moments aren't just recreation; they're her vital work-life balance, creating lasting memories with loved ones.

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Alfrieda Robertson

Project Manager & Solution Architect

Alfrieda sets the rhythm and architects the solutions to meet our clients' unique needs. With 25 years of experience, Alfrieda has worked across a diverse spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce, NGOs, insurance, and supply chain.

She whips up code and cakes with equal gusto - the best solutions come with a pinch of creativity and a dash of frosting.

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Darien Palm

Customer Service Operations Manager

Darien is a results-oriented ICT professional with a passion for leveraging technology to drive performance and efficiency. With a background in leadership, program management, and client engagement, Darien possesses a comprehensive understanding of the ICT landscape, from service management to delivery. Skilled in delivering high-quality strategic outcomes and fostering positive customer experiences, Darien thrives on guiding businesses towards realizing the transformative potential of cloud computing.

He is an experienced ICT leader adept at orchestrating technology solutions to drive business agility and cost-effectiveness, with a focus on delivering exceptional customer outcomes.

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Allan Clempe

Software Architect

Allan, a seasoned software engineer specializing in architecture and development best practices, with a focus on agile methodologies and .NET architecture.Advanced in a wide range of technologies including NodeJS, Java, and mobile app development. Committed to contributing to open source projects and driving innovation in software engineering. Specialized in .NET architecture with extensive experience across various platforms, dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in software development.

Versatile software engineer adept at leveraging agile methodologies and advanced technologies to architect and develop cutting-edge solutions.

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Richard Schledler

Senior Business Anylist

An experienced digital professional adept at spearheading agile strategies for successful solution development and delivery. With a track record spanning program management, product leadership, and technical expertise, He specializes in driving transformative digital initiatives that streamline processes and achieve strategic objectives. Seeking new challenges to continue driving innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Richard is a dynamic digital leader with a proven track record in agile program management, product development, and solution design, dedicated to driving organizational transformation and achieving strategic goals through innovative digital solutions.

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