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Revolutionise Auto Dealership Success with April9 Composable Solutions

Enhanced car‑buying experiences, online and instore

Your customers' satisfaction is priceless. April9 prioritises your customer experiences by allowing your dealerships to provide personalised, seamless interactions, fostering customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.


Seamless inventory management

April9's composable solutions redefine inventory management for auto dealerships. We built composable software to optimise inventory tracking, ensuring you have the right vehicles at the right time. This results in reduced costs and increased profitability.


Accelerate car sales

In the competitive world of auto sales, April9's composable solutions are your competitive edge. Our software empowers dealerships to streamline sales processes, make data-driven pricing decisions, and boost sales, all while providing an exceptional car-buying experience.

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Customer-centric sales

Elevating customer experiences

April9's composable solutions prioritise the customer's journey, online and instore. Auto dealerships can provide a frictionless and engaging sales process, increasing customer satisfaction and retention before, during and after the sale.

Enhanced Dealership Services

Elevating your dealership's services ecosystem

At April9, we understand that the success of your auto dealership goes beyond just selling cars. That's why our comprehensive suite of composable solutions also caters to the critical support services that keep your dealership running smoothly. From vehicle trade-ins to financing, servicing, and accessories, we've got you covered.


Streamlined Vehicle Trade-Ins

Our composable solutions seamlessly integrate vehicle trade-ins into your dealership's operations. They simplify the appraisal process, provide accurate trade-in values, and ensure a hassle-free experience for both your customers and your team. Boost customer loyalty by making trade-ins a breeze.


Efficient Finance Management

Managing financing options for your customers has never been easier. April9's composable solutions offer robust tools to streamline finance processes. Provide your customers with flexible financing choices, simplify paperwork, and expedite approval processes, all while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


Comprehensive Servicing Solutions

Keep your customers coming back for servicing and maintenance with April9's servicing module. Schedule appointments, track service history, and offer personalised service recommendations. Improve customer retention by delivering top-notch servicing experiences.


Enhanced Accessories Sales

Maximise your revenue by upselling accessories seamlessly. Our composable software helps your sales team recommend and sell accessories that complement each vehicle, enhancing the customer's ownership experience and increasing your bottom line.


Auto dealership expertise that you can rely on

With a proven track record and success stories in auto dealership management, April9 brings a wealth of expertise to your organisation. We understand the unique challenges of the dealership industry, allowing us to configure solutions that drive efficiency, profitability, and exceptional customer experiences.

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Drive auto dealership success with April9

Choose April9 Composable Solutions to revolutionise your auto dealership network. Talk to us about our Auto9 industry solution for inventory management, online car sales and marketing operations.


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