5 Killer Tools to Set your iOS App Apart

You can't expect great work with rusty old tools! You need them polished and new – like these killer app development tools that will help you build an app that users will love. Read more!

Published at: 2019-09-06

5 Fundamental DevOps Best Practices - Whitepaper

DevOps is commonly used in modern Agile software development. But mis-using it is even more common…

Published at: 2019-09-06

How April9 Can Help Your Freelance Business

Turning your ideas into reality – that's what we do. If you're a freelancer, give this a read to find out how April9 can help maximise your freelance business potential!

Published at: 2019-08-20

6 Front-End Development Trends to Get You Ready for 2020

The JavaScript world is constantly developing (pun intended), with new technology releases every time you blink. Read this blog to see what you need to know about front-end development.

Published at: 2019-08-19

The eagle has landed - ArcGIS for developers just went next level

Great news for the IT world: ArcGIS just got an upgrade, and it’s gotten cheaper! Read on to see how Esri made this top-notch software more accessible to developers!

Published at: 2019-08-06

Preparing for a Cashless Future – is your business ready?

Will money as we know it become obsolete? The horror! Read on to see if the precious cash we hold dear today will be come mere historical relics in the future.

Published at: 2019-07-25

Boost Your eCommerce Sales With These 5 Tools

Will money as we know it become obsolete? The horror! Read on to see if the precious cash we hold dear today will be come mere historical relics in the future.

Published at: 2019-07-25

Is horizontal swipe replacing vertical scrolling?

One accidental Instagram update shook the social media world last year. Read on to see why we might be seeing more of the 'horizontal swipe' feature on social media in the coming years.

Published at: 2019-07-25

Self-Organising Teams are Never Random

Self-organising teams – a terrifying thought for business owners. Here we examine the benefits of self-organising teams, and the pitfalls they must avoid.

Published at: 2019-06-28

Automation in Digital Architecture – What You Need to Know

Going digital is not as simple as it sounds. Take a look into building digital architecture for your business, and how automation is changing the industry.

Published at: 2019-06-21

10 Business Tips to Learn and Grow as an Entrepreneur

Everyone has a different success story but all of them started somewhere. Read this blog for a guide on starting a business to continuing to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

Published at: 2019-06-14

Managing Cloud Security Services – Whitepaper

Cloud Security is often misunderstood or not explored at all. In this free whitepaper, learn how Cloud Security is being handled in the modern era.

Published at: 2019-06-06

Why You Should Automate Your Testing

Do robots do it better? Read more about the top benefits of automating your software testing here…

Published at: 2019-05-30

Why IT Projects Fail

Memorable projects aren't those which went perfectly, but those which bounced back from failure. We reveal our top reasons IT projects fail and how to avoid them…

Published at: 2019-05-30

April9: Pioneering Flutter App Development in the Australian Market

What makes a developer’s heart flutter? An amazing open-source mobile application development framework, of course! Read on to discover why April9 chose to pioneer Flutter in Australia.

Published at: 2019-05-17

DevOps is changing the way Cloud Development works

Did you know DevOps and Cloud were linked? In this article we explore the depth of their connection and the benefits of having them work together. Read more…

Published at: 2019-05-17

[Infographic] The Core Principles of Agile Software Development

Agile software development has gained favour among modern developers. But how many firms stay true to the 12 principles the methodology is based on? Learn more…

Published at: 2019-05-03

Top 5 Automated Testing Tools

Learn more about our top automation testing tools for desktop, web and mobile apps. Make sure your team is up to date with technology and testing trends.

Published at: 2019-04-29

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Image Heavy Website

Images slow down websites. It is known. But there is a solution – a few, in fact. Read our five top tips on speeding up your image heavy website.

Published at: 2019-04-24

Is Bad UX Design Killing Your Traffic ?

Good User Experience (UX) Design is key in getting people to your website – and keeping them there. Read more to find actionable tips for boosting your traffic...

Published at: 2019-04-12

What Is Software Integration ?

Software integration is an integral part of the software development process, facilitating more efficient workflow in every aspect of your company’s operations.

Published at: 2019-04-08

Agile 101 - Getting Started with Agile

At April9 we think it’s critical to have a comprehensive understanding of Agile methodologies and their benefits. We’ve put together this downloadable whitepaper to showcase how Agile can benefit you.

Published at: 2019-03-27

Why SMEs have the edge in social media

It might surprise you to learn that small businesses have an advantage over large ones when it comes to social media marketing. Find out more

Published at: 2019-03-25

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Software Developer

Hiring a software developer for your project can be tough. Here’s 5 questions to ask to make sure you hire the RIGHT one.

Published at: 2019-03-05

8 Instantly Actionable Tips for Improving Your Landing Page

You never get a second chance at a first impression. Check out our free 8-step guide to improve your conversion rates through landing page optimization.

Published at: 2019-02-25

5 Project Management Mistakes You Must Avoid

A project is only as good as the team leading it. Check out these 5 easy-to-make mistakes to make sure you’re not making them!

Published at: 2019-02-21

Should your business have a chat bot?

Chat bots - a force for good or Terminator in the making? Find out how your business could benefit from having a dedicated robot assistant.

Published at: 2019-02-20

[Infographic] UX vs UI - What’s the difference?

Same same, but different –UX and UI are closely linked and both important. Findout exactly how they differ with this Infographic.

Published at: 2019-02-13

Top 10 Secrets For Your Startup Success

Set your startup venture for success with these 10 easily overlooked tips...

Published at: 2019-02-12

The Importance of Team Inclusion at Sprint Meetings

Maximise your Agile teams’ efficiency by ensuring you don’t leave anyone out of your Sprint Meetings. A good read for new ScrumMasters..

Published at: 2019-02-12

What the heck is DevOps anyway?

It’s advanced. It’s hot. It’s trending. But what is DevOps? We break it down for you and explore how your business could benefit

Published at: 2019-02-06

Be A Successful Freelancer - 8 Top Tips

Avoid common mistakes and maximise your Freelancing success using these 8 actionable tips to help you kickstart your freelance career...

Published at: 2019-02-05

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Learn how to transform your business processes using Cloud Computing technology. See how to collaborate, streamline operations, and save time and cost

Published at: 2019-02-04