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Our composable software platform gives you the building blocks to create custom solutions at lightning speed.

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These products were delivered using Stack9’s enterprise-grade composable architecture

Automated Market Scouting tablet
Automated Market Scouting mobile
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This project was made from the following stack9 blocks

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  1. Intelligent Lead Prioritisation
  2. Real-time Notifications
  3. CRM Integration
  4. Performance Analytics
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Manage content for your digital experiences

Unlock the full potential of your digital experiences with Stack9's comprehensive content management capabilities. Seamlessly connect to tons of external data sources, including SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDB, and Redis, or harness the power of Stack9's built-in databases. Our intuitive REST API connector ensures your data is easily accessible, enabling you to build dynamic apps, websites, admin panels, and more with unparalleled speed and efficiency.


Stack9 produces real, performant web apps

With Stack9, designing real, performant web apps has never been easier. Our platform empowers you to auto-generate screens, simplifying data management tasks and accelerating development. Create both internal and public apps by dragging and dropping UI elements or employing low-code options for enhanced flexibility. Stack9 also facilitates the integration of business processes and workflows into your designs, ensuring that your applications are not only visually appealing but also functionally robust.


Integrate and automate the most complex workflows

Elevate your operational efficiency with Stack9's advanced automation features. From leveraging webhooks for data integration to incorporating external platform integrations like AWS or Azure, Stack9 simplifies complex workflows. Utilise a variety of triggers to automate processes based on user actions or scheduled times, streamlining your application's functionality and enhancing user experiences.


Leverage computing power from leading cloud providers

Stack9 is engineered for optimal performance and scalability, leveraging the cutting-edge serverless computing power of AWS and Azure. Designed to run efficiently with load-balancing and auto-scaling capabilities, Stack9 ensures your applications can handle demanding workloads with ease. Experience maximum performance, cost optimization, and reliability with our cloud-native approach.


Trust no one, control everyone.

Stack9 places a paramount emphasis on security, offering self-hosting options and operating in an ISO 27001 certified environment for public cloud deployments. Secure your enterprise applications with single sign-on (SSO) for corporate users, ensuring that access is both protected and controlled, aligning with our 'trust no one, control everyone' philosophy.


The ultimate blend of tools for software developers and power users.

Stack9 provides an unparalleled blend of tools for software developers and power users. With our Cloud Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Command-line Interface (CLI), manage, customise, and deploy your applications with ease. Enhance your communication with powerful, customisable email templates, ensuring your messages resonate with your audience.


Slice, dice, visualise. Your way, our way

Master your data with Stack9's sophisticated data management features. From initiating ETL workloads to creating immersive data visualisations, Stack9 provides the tools you need to slice, dice, and visualise your data effectively. Integrate leading data visualisation platforms like MS Power BI, Amazon QuickSight, or Tableau, leveraging advanced features like user impersonation and row-level security.


On our journey to excellence and reliability, April9 has proudly achieved prestigious certifications and accreditations that underscore our commitment to quality, security, and excellence in digital solutions.

AWS Partner Select Tier Services
CAS ISO 27001
PIC DSS Compliant
Queensland government
Microsoft Partner

Trusted to deliver results for:

Apprenticeship Employment Network
Arbor Operations
Eagers Automotive
Greyhound Australia
Personalised Plates QLD (PPQ)
Tasmanian Government
Queensland Government
Queensland Nurses and Midwives' Union
The Surf Life Saving Australia
Australian Government - Department of Finance
Gallagher Bassett
Eagers Automotive

“There are a lot of workflow tools out there that we could have used for this project. What we needed was a technology partner who could come onboard and understand our business. Working with April9 has been a great experience - you get an army of technology professionals backing you up to make sure your applications are a success."

Sameer Oghanna / Head of Automation and Digitalisation

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