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Empower Non‑Profits with April9 Composable Solutions

Composable solutions uniquely configured for charity lotteries

April9 built an end-to-end operating and supporter relationship management platform specifically designed for not-for-profit fundraising activities.


Supporter Relationship Management

Establishing and maintaining supporter relationships is key to your organisation. April9 places supporter management as a top priority, providing advanced tools to manage supporters and their preferences, engage them in ongoing and new campaigns, and build strong, lasting relationships to continuously support your charitable mission.


Integrated lottery management

April9 has redefined lottery management for non-profit organisations. Our platform seamlessly integrates lottery processes, streamlining ticket sales, draw management, audits and compliance. This ensures safe and compliant charity lottery processes.


Online Ticket Sales

April9 empowers not-for-profit organisations by offering seamless online ticket sales through e-commerce websites. This feature extends the reach of charity lotteries, allowing supporters to conveniently purchase tickets online, expanding the fundraising potential and engagement for your charitable mission.


Compliant electronic draw machine

Managing compliant lottery draws can be complex and costly. April9 simplifies draw management by incorporating its certified electronic draw capability, ensuring fair and secure lottery draws while reducing administrative workload.


Efficient fundraising

Streamlining fundraising success

Our platform optimises fundraising efforts, enabling non-profits to raise more funds while reducing operational costs. This ensures that a larger portion of donations goes towards the cause.


Enhanced supporter engagement

Elevating donor relationships

April9's platform focuses on supporter engagement, so non-profit organisations can provide a personalised and interactive experience for donors and supporters, increasing funding, loyalty, and long-term engagement.


Non-profit technology supporting your mission

With a proven track record in the non-profit sector, April9 brings a wealth of expertise to your organisation. We understand the unique challenges of non-profit management, allowing us to tailor solutions that drive efficiency, fundraising success, and long-term donor relationships.

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