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About the Organisation

The State Emergency Service (SES) Tasmania is a division of the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management. With over 4,000 first responders, SES Tasmania plays a crucial role in protecting the Tasmanian community from natural disasters and emergencies. The organisation comprises firefighters, police, SES, and ambulance officers, working in both frontline and non-frontline, career and volunteer capacities.


SES Tasmania recognised the importance of prioritising the health and wellbeing of its dedicated staff. To address this need, the organisation embarked on a project to develop a comprehensive Health & Wellbeing Portal, known as MyPulse. This initiative aimed to provide a centralised platform for staff to access resources and support services tailored to their specific needs.

Composable Solutions Delivered

Gallagher Bassett and April9 partnered to develop and deliver the MyPulse Health & Wellbeing Portal. The project involved several key considerations:

  • Personalised User Experience: The portal required different access levels and dedicated 'department pages' tailored for each user group, ensuring that staff members see content and services relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

  • Secure Single Sign-On (SSO): To streamline authentication and access, the portal was integrated with SES Tasmania's two Microsoft Azure Active Directories. This resulted in a dual-AD authentication system that enabled seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) for users.

  • Comprehensive Resource Hub: The portal provides a wealth of resources and services designed to support the health and wellbeing of SES Tasmania staff. This includes online Mental Health & Wellbeing check-ups, Virtual Learning modules, and access to confidential counselling and support services.

Project Success

The MyPulse Health & Wellbeing Portal was successfully delivered in 2019, on-time and within the agreed budget. April9's project team provided comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring a smooth transition to the production environment. This included dedicated resources during the Customer Handover phase to address any system discrepancies and provide extensive training to the MyPulse program management team. Additionally, April9 developed a 60-page bespoke user manual and provided technical documentation to Gallagher Bassett, who assumed responsibility for the website's production support following handover.

Client Outcomes

The MyPulse Health & Wellbeing Portal has delivered significant benefits to SES Tasmania and its staff:

  • Enhanced Staff Wellbeing: The portal provides staff with easy access to resources and support services that promote their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

  • Personalised and Relevant Content: The tailored content and services ensure that staff receive information and support relevant to their specific needs and roles.

  • Streamlined Access and User Experience: The SSO functionality and user-friendly interface make it easy for staff to access the information and resources they need.

  • Promotes a Culture of Wellbeing: The portal reinforces SES Tasmania's commitment to prioritising the health and wellbeing of its staff, fostering a supportive and caring work environment.

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