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How CRM Software Is Streamlining Operations for Business and Governmenta
Oct 2023|12 min read

How CRM Software Is Streamlining Operations for Business and Governmenta

One of the few things that everyone can agree on is the frustrations that come with slow government services. Make a joke about it and everyone will laugh, and many will share their own story of a time they had to wait ages for something they needed. To be fair, these jokes and stories are often exaggerated. But the truth is that there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to the technology that government uses.

Many departments are using obsolete legacy systems, making it difficult to access the data they need in a timely fashion. According to Gartner’s latest tech spending forecasts, the Australian government will spend more than $15.5 billion on IT in 2022. In an effort to improve the resilience and responsiveness of public services, around $11 billion or more than two-thirds of total IT budgets are destined for investments in IT services and software.

SaaS procurement agreements, key national technology capabilities and whole-of-government cloud and digital skills at a federal level have increased according to vice president of executive programs at Gartner, Brian Ferreira. These types of changes are necessary as Australia aims to strengthen its position as a modern digital economy, and the need to replace legacy systems with newer, more efficient technology is clear.

One such technology is cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems. With one of the main benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions being the reduced costs in infrastructure, security, maintenance and data storage — this is a sensible move. But CRM platforms go beyond this, helping to streamline operations and make the running of government agencies smoother, more efficient and more effective.

Here are just some of the ways that CRM can help streamline operations in both government and other business operations.

Government employees can focus on the most important tasks thanks to automation

Some people view automation with a degree of trepidation, fearing that “robots” will take over the positions currently held by regular people and leave them without jobs. However, automation simply helps to increase efficiency and even helps workers better fill other responsibilities. This is because they’re not spending all their time on repetitive, mundane and time-consuming tasks.

CRM can help government contractors secure contracts

Winning a government contract can be an excellent way for an SME to boost their portfolio, increase their company’s overall value and secure dependable income. But the procurement process is lengthy, especially when trying to do it without any help. With 27% of small and medium enterprises holding government procurement contracts in 2021-22 and competition becoming fiercer than ever, the need for CRM technology is clear.

Firstly, it helps companies automate their processes and workflows, making a wide variety of daily tasks more efficient and allowing them to save costs. CRM software also allows for greater visibility and transparency, as compiling and sharing necessary reports and documentation needed for audits helps them to ensure compliance with various Australian regulatory bodies.

Recruiting and retaining the best employees is easier with CRM tools

There is a wide variety of CRM apps that can act as self-service portals for both job seekers and hiring managers, thus simplifying hiring and workforce development. Job seekers can submit applications and hiring managers can track both applicants and applications. With the right tools, they are even able to present offers and make hires, all from a single intuitive application.

The best CRM platforms will also provide tools that simplify the onboarding and training of new employees while increasing current employees' job satisfaction with a variety of productivity and engagement tools designed to make their jobs easier.

Citizen relationship management is simplified

The main goal with any customer relationship management platform is obvious — to help a business manage its relationships with customers. When it comes to government agencies or businesses that operate in the public sector — these customers are the citizens of a city, state or country. And CRM platforms can help government agencies connect with their citizens in a variety of ways.

This could be through the use of traffic apps, the myGovID app, the Express Plus mobile apps for Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support, and many others. These self-service portals and utility apps help citizens to connect with their local and state governments to get answers to any questions — no matter where they are or what time it is.

Find out how CRM software can help your government agency today

With the right tools, any government agency can function as smoothly and as efficiently as the most successful businesses. No more jokes about poor service, and no more citizens taking to social media to complain about poor service delivery from their local or state governments. A perfect example would be the MaRS platform that April9 consultants worked on for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA), a CRM that needed to accommodate complex evaluation and assessment processes and that QRA estimates has improved productivity tenfold since going live.

Find out how April9 can help replace your outdated technologies with the latest technology solutions customised to your business. Give your employees the ability to focus on what truly matters — improving the community — and contact us today.

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