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The April9 Journey: From Bespoke to Composable Solutions
Mar 2023|7 min read

The April9 Journey: From Bespoke to Composable Solutions

How we started and how we got here

The early days

Let's rewind to 2016 when April9 was just a twinkle in Thiago Passos's eye. Seeing the rising demand for custom software in Brisbane and Oz, we kicked off our journey in a cozy co-working space. Our early projects involved jazzing up Blueroom Cinebar's site, creating IoT software for Excel Tiregauge in the US, and giving Parliament House a tech facelift.

Fast forward to 2018, and we ditched the co-working vibes for our own office in the city. It was a game-changer. We scored big projects with names like Greyhound, EQI, PPQ, and Tatts Group. PPQ was a standout; we helped them cook up an all-in-one solution from e-commerce to the back office.

Our first big customers. Our first own office

Growing pains hit, and we needed more room. With Eagers Automotive and Gallagher Bassett in the mix, we polished our software skills and geared up for the rollercoaster ahead.

COVID-19: the good and the bad

Then 2020 hit – COVID threw a curveball, but it also brought a ton of projects our way. We snagged some amazing talent that got hit by the pandemic. Plus, we rolled out our Automation pipeline (CICD) to keep our projects running smoother than ever.

Stack9: our first adaptation. And ISO 27001

In the midst of chaos in 2020, we birthed Stack9 – our secret sauce for tackling the developer shortage and booming projects. It became the brains behind our composable solutions and our love for reusability.

2021 was big – we got ISO 27001 certified, showing we're serious about having solid processes for steady growth.

We dived into projects like the Surf Lottery and Surf Foundation e-commerce sites, customising them for the locals and becoming the go-to spot for local industry solutions.

Our first industry solutions

Zoom into 2022, and we birthed our first industry solution – Auto9, a snazzy vehicle inventory and dealership management system. We did heaps for Eagers that year. Fast forward to 2023, and our second brainchild was born – the Lottery and Donation System.

Following on with the same groove, we also developed a Livestock Supply Chain management solution for Austrex.

Our second adaptation towards composable solutions

Then came the second half of 2023, shaking things up. David Barzilay from B2B CXO joined us as the contract Head of Growth. Tough questions were thrown our way, making us rethink our business model. Listening to what our clients and partners wanted – speed, flexibility with old software, scalability – we decided to adapt again. Now, we're all about crafting composable solutions using Stack9.

The latter part of 2023 was a wild ride as we embraced composable solutions. From a slick headless CMS to rad CRM and Marketing modules, in-field data capturing to smooth job schedulers and payment integrations, we're all about giving people what they want. At April9, we're not just coding; we're creating solutions that bring efficiencies and stand the test of time.

April9's journey from the co-working vibes of 2016 to the composable solutions of 2023 is a story of adaptability, growth, and always keeping our clients' needs in focus. If you're curious about our tech magic and want to chat about how we can make your business rock, hit us up. We're here to create solutions that fit your needs. 🚀✨

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