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Why your business needs an AI Minion
May 2024|14 min read

Why your business needs an AI Minion


Explore the transformative potential of AI minions, specialised tools derived from Generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT and Claude, designed to enhance business processes by handling complex tasks like software testing, customer review aggregation, and more. Discover how AI minions can work alongside human teams to increase efficiency and drive innovation in your company. Learn how to effectively 'employ' these AI tools by defining roles, customising capabilities, and integrating them into your existing systems for optimal performance.

Many business professionals are now accustomed to Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity. Initially astonishing, these tools have evolved from answering simple queries to handling complex questions with impressive, human-like responses. It's evident that this technology is here to stay.

Beyond text generation

Generative AI text tools do more than create content; they also generate software code, machine instructions, and dynamic data models. Beyond plain text, these tools can generate files of any format and be used with existing systems and processes you have already in place at your business, drastically enhancing operational efficiency and strategic decision-making through predictive analytics and automation.

What’s an AI Minion?

Traditionally, "minion" refers to a loyal follower or a subordinate. It may simply imply someone who is a devoted and valued assistant or worker. Consider AI minions as specialised versions of Large Language Models (LLMs), equipped with tailored company knowledge and tools, designed to reason and execute tasks outlined in their job descriptions. Pay attention to the word “reason”. This is not your old school business automation process. You are employing ‘someone’ to think, be creative and learn from its mistakes just like humans do.

AI minions and teamwork

AI minions busy at work

Your AI minions can become your most skilled colleagues, seamlessly collaborating with human employees and other AI minions to tackle complex reasoning tasks.

Brazilian startup Voidr has launched AI minions to automate software testing, dramatically reducing time and cost. These AI minions handle various tasks, from analysing software requirements and generating test plans to writing and executing source code for tests. Additionally, one AI minion ensures these tests function correctly, while others manage the overall automation process and alert humans to any failures.

Another business that effectively integrated AI minions in their business process was CarMax. They streamlined the aggregation and summarisation of customer reviews for various car models. These AI minions allowed CarMax to efficiently generate comprehensive summaries from thousands of reviews, which are then refined by human writers. This process, which replaced the need for manual review, not only saves significant time and effort but also enhances the customer experience by providing quick and reliable insights into vehicle performance and satisfaction.

These innovative ways of using AI tools demonstrate the opportunity to leverage technology to improve operational efficiency and customer service.

Steps to ‘employ’ an AI minion for your business

Before we dive into how you would ‘employ’ an AI minion, we need to get familiar with two important concepts.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) involves enhancing the responses of an AI minion by incorporating information retrieved from specified knowledge base, such as private databases. This approach allows the AI to provide more accurate and contextually relevant answers by dynamically pulling data from external sources during the generation process.

Function calling in AI systems enables these minions to execute specific actions within external systems. This capability allows the AI to interact with other software, performing tasks like reading and writing files, integrating with APIs, and handling complex user requests. It essentially extends the utility of AI beyond simple conversation to functional operations.

Now that you know these terms, here are the steps to employ an AI minion in your business

  • Define the Role: Just as you would for a new employee, establish a clear job description for the AI minion, detailing expected tasks and responsibilities.
  • Customise the AI: Adapt the AI's capabilities to your specific business needs by setting precise response formats and operational guidelines.
  • Enhance with RAG: Implement Retrieval Augmented Generation to equip the AI minion with access to a knowledge base, enhancing its ability to provide informed responses.
  • Enable Functionality: Configure function calling to allow the AI minion to perform actionable tasks and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.
  • Verify Data and Security Features: Ensure that your AI provider adheres to stringent data security standards and regulations. This includes verifying compliance with certifications like ISO 27001 and checking for robust data handling and security measures to protect your business and customer data.
  • Deploy the AI: Interact with the AI minion through chatbots or by direct system integrations to automate and optimise business processes.

This ‘recruitment’ process not only simplifies the deployment of your AI minion in your business but also maximises its effectiveness by ensuring it is well-integrated and fully equipped to meet your operational needs.

How can your business get your own AI minion?

April9 Chatbot

April9 have been developing and deploying AI minions using advanced RAG and Function calling techniques for various use cases in the automotive, agriculture, insurance and information technology industry.

We deploy AI minions as chatbots with a high level of security and compliance. Reach out to us to discuss your AI minion project!

April9’s Information Security Management System is ISO 27001 certified. We are currently pursuing ISO 42001 to certify our Artificial intelligence Management system as well.

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