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Does better UX equal more revenue
Oct 2023|10 min read

Does better UX equal more revenue

When people think about User Experience (UX), they usually think of a graphic designer creating a website or an application that is aesthetically pleasing on the screen. While it is part of UX, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

User Experience consists of all of the end-user interaction with your company and the product or service that you are offering. It is your customer's personal journey with your brand – that’s how important UX is.

This begs the question, does better UX equal more revenue?


And here’s why.

Better UX can reduce customer support needs

Companies usually have a customer support department that handles the issues and problems faced by your end users when they encounter your product or service. When you have improved UX, you can revisit all of the complaints and suggestions from your audience, and use the data to fix the recurring problems that they face. When you address these issues, it will reduce the number of complaints that your customer support should address. Your company will become user-oriented and professional while reducing labour in the long run.


Better UX can increase customer conversion

Every encounter with your target market is essential. You have to understand their needs so that the minute they visit your website or application, they know they need what you are offering. With better User Experience, the end-users likes, dislikes, schedule, needs, wants, and more, are researched and studied. The insights gathered from the data will then support what goes on your website or application. If you understand your customer, you’ll be able to address their needs which leads to customer conversion.

Better UX can minimise wasted development time

The most common mistake businesses who don’t invest in UX make is that they assume the behaviour of their end-user. This is detrimental to your business – it costs you time, money, and effort without generating income for your business. You’ll have limited design choices or new features on your website that don’t add value to your business. Instead of assumptions, your UX should be backed by data. Because thorough research is done to ensure that you are providing the best User Experience for your target market, you will be able to foresee issues that may arise before it costs you time and effort.


Better UX can increase customer retention

Having great UX means you’re always growing with your target market. The game doesn’t end the moment you convert your customers. When they proceed with the purchase, you should be able to retain them and keep them coming back. Your UX should always improve the customer experience so you’ll always have increase customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are vital to a business’s success because they will help drive revenue for your company. Therefore, with UX that continuously studies and understands your customer, you give yourself the best chance of increasing customer satisfaction, customer retention, and in the end, revenue.

There are a few simple tips you can implement to optimise your UX. You have to streamline your website – make sure it’s easy to navigate. You have to fix any broken links so that they can search seamlessly. But with User Experience, you’ll need a team of experienced web designers to help you understand your customers better. They can help you visualise your customer’s journey to help picture how your company can effectively interact with your target audience.

April9 understands the power of UX, and we can help you use this power to help propel your business to the top. With years of experience under their belt, April9 UX/UI designers understand that User Experience is more than just the aesthetics. With April9, you’ll have a competitive edge because we will provide the best possible user experience for your product. Schedule your free consultation today.

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